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From train wrecks to tattoos with Debra Chantry-Taylor – Episode 0 of Better Business, Better Life!

Welcome to episode Zero of Better Business, Better Life.

Have you ever had that absolute train wreck of an experience in business? That time when it felt like the world was ending? Or have you ever woken up in a blind panic at 3am worrying about your business and not being able to get back to sleep because everything is running around in your head? Or maybe you’ve simply woken up one day & realised that despite going into business to get more freedom, more profit & more happiness, you feel like your business has a grip on you & you can’t let go?

This podcast is about me wanting to help other established business owners, who may be feeling some pain – you know the stress, the overwhelm, the people issues, the money issues & that feeling of not being able to let go – that can often come with owning a business & that have such a major impact on your life.

There’s no academia here I’m afraid – just real, honest sharing of experiences so that we can learn from each other & laugh at the things that we sometimes take too seriously!

Together with my guests, we will share some practical tips, tools & takeouts that you can start to implement into your business & life to help you get a Better Business, Better Life.

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