Why Us

Business Action was born out of a desire to help mid-market & high growth New Zealand & Australian businesses grow.

Having experienced the frustrations of the hundreds of businesses she has consulted for over the last 25 years, founder Debra Chantry-Taylor discovered the EOS® framework and recognised the clarity and traction this could deliver.

She then set her sights on adapting it to the APAC market, to help business owners & leaders to take back control and grow their business.

She now works with Key Partners, Jeni & Nick Clift & Trusted Partners to deliver a full range of Business Support underpinned by EOS® (The Entrepreneurial Operating System).

Take Action. Make Change.

Business leadership is one of the most demanding yet rewarding journeys we can take. It’s a road full of unexpected challenges that you can only truly understand if you’ve been there.

And we understand because we’ve been there.

We know that while every business is unique, most businesses have the same fundamental issues. There’s a wealth of strategy and leadership information out there but most new ideas and new tools fail to deliver results.

What is compelling about the models, tools and systems that we use is that rather than join the masses and claim every business needs a bespoke business plan, they’ve created a proven solution that addresses everyday managerial and organisational challenges.

These proven processes deliver, on average, a 20% bottom-line improvement through improved efficiencies and growth. We are so confident in the process that each session is guaranteed – if you don’t get value, you don’t have to pay.

Our Founder & Key Partners

Our Founder – Debra Chantry-Taylor

With an MBA and a career spanning senior management, leadership, business consulting. and governance roles, Debra has a mix of academic knowledge and a depth of real-world business experience. She is also an Accredited Family Business Advisor.

Today, she is focused on delivering real change through EOS. Debra is now a trained and Professional EOS management consultant. She combines her real-world experience with the tools, training and backup of the worldwide EOS network to take entrepreneurial leadership teams to the next level.

Debra brings 25 years of real business experience, including 18 years in senior management and leadership roles before moving into governance and consulting to her role as founder of Business Action.

She’s worked with over 300 businesses to help them move ahead and leads a team of motivated business experts. who have hands-on experience and are helping clients across NZ to achieve more.

On top of this, Debra works with a team of Trusted Partners, to deliver a full range of business support services.

Debra Chantry Taylor Certified EOS Implementer Accredited Family Business Advisor
Jeni & Nick Clift | EOS Implementers

Key Partners

Jeni & Nick Clift

Welcome to Nick & Jeni’s unique perspective on business growth! With over 27 years of experience as a husband and wife team, they have started, acquired, and sold four businesses, gaining valuable insights into what it takes to succeed.

Jeni Clift brings a wealth of knowledge from her background in corporate environments and co-founding an award-winning ICT business. With 30 years of experience across various industries, she understands the drivers of business growth. As a Professional EOS Implementer, her goal is to help business owners achieve more through the implementation of EOS.

Nick Clift has 40 years of experience in the Information Technology industry and has started, grown, acquired, and merged various businesses. He is passionate about coaching and mentoring business leaders to achieve their best, using EOS to drive accountability and results throughout the organization.

Their approach is rooted in firsthand experience with EOS, which transformed their MSP business and enabled a successful exit in 2022. Now, they focus on helping other businesses reach their goals and dreams. By working with Nick & Jeni, you’ll gain access to a wealth of experience and knowledge to unlock your business’s potential and achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of!

Our happy customers.

Debra & all of our EOS Implementers & Trusted Partners have extensive experience with many previous clients. We are more than happy to put you in touch with anyone that has been through our system so you can talk to them about their experience.

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