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Our founder, Debra Chantry-Taylor, is an Accredited Family Business Advisor and an Advisor Member with Family Business New Zealand.

Having worked with over 100 family businesses and in a large family business herself, she knows, understands and loves the dynamics that exist in family businesses.

Using the 3 circle family business model of Ownership, Family and Business plus the EOS® model and framework, she will help your family business owners and leaders to get what they want.

Her superpower, as an EOS Implementer, is to be able to uncover the elephants in the room and gently but firmly facilitate dealing with them, ensuring everyone is heard and they work together for the greater good.

Why do you need a family business advisor?

Family Businesses can be complex.

It can be difficult to be objective and make changes when you are part of the family and /or the business. You also might find that other family members won’t listen to you.

As a family business owner or leader, maybe you’re experiencing one of the following?

  • There’s no shared vision for the family and/or the company
  • There’s no clarity on who owns what, especially for those who don’t work in the business
  • There’s no agreement on the roles and responsibilities that each family member has in the business
  • Some family members aren’t pulling their weight or can’t do the job they are assigned
  • You’re worried about a succession plan / generational leadership transition into the business that is sustainable and good for business
  • There’s issues and discrepancies on important things like compensation, stock valuation, leadership,  governance, transparency or confidentiality.
  • You’ve lost family harmony and don’t look forward to family barbecues anymore

It’s hard to work with this when you are working in the family business, either as a family member or even as an external manager brought in. This is where we can help. We understand what it’s like because we’ve been there, and we can help you navigate the complexities, as well as being independent and objective. Debra is a master facilitator and loves to uncover and deal with the elephants in the room.

EOS® is transformational for family businesses. It takes the personal issues out of your decisions, gets you all focused on the business, and often lets you have family time that is just for the family. Having a business operating system helps families stay strong and own strong businesses.

Meet Our Founder

With an MBA and a career spanning senior management, leadership, business consulting. and governance roles, Debra has a mix of academic knowledge and a depth of real-world business experience.

She is an Accredited Family Business Advisor and an Advisor Member of Family Business New Zealand.

She has also worked as a General Manager / Integrator for several years in a large family business and spent 7 years working with family businesses at The Icehouse, before leaving to form her own practice and taking the licence for EOS worldwide.

Now working with clients using EOS® model & framework, around 50% of her clients are family businesses and 50% are privately owned businesses, with multiple shareholders, much like a family.

Having worked with over 100 family businesses, she knows the complexities that exist in a family business and loves helping families to navigate the inner workings of their family business and business family relationships.

Her superpower, due to her love of people, is to be able to uncover the elephants in the room and facilitate dealing with them gently but firmly, ensuring everyone is heard and they work together for the greater good.

Debra Chantry Taylor Certified EOS Implementer Accredited Family Business Advisor

25 Years of

Debra brings 25 years of real business experience, including 18 years in senior management and leadership roles before moving into governance and consulting to her role as founder of Business Action.

She’s worked with over 300 businesses to help them move ahead and leads a team of motivated business experts. who have hands-on experience and are helping clients across NZ to achieve more.

On top of this, Debra works with a team of Trusted Partners, to deliver a full range of business support services.

Our happy customers.

Debra & all of our EOS Implementers & Trusted Partners have extensive experience with many previous clients. We are more than happy to put you in touch with anyone that has been through our system so you can talk to them about their experience.

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