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No matter what stage your business is at, we have programmes & proven processes that will help you. All of our programmes come fully guaranteed & are designed to get you unstuck, grow your business and get you back to doing what you love better than ever before.

The Culture Fix® introduces the

Organizational Culture Survey

Discover the culture insights you've been seeking.

Organizational Survey Report

You have to know your culture to leverage it

To truly understand your company culture, go straight to the source; your TEAM MEMBERS. Garner insights from your entire organisation by engaging each individual in a comprehensive survey to learn their firsthand experiences.
Survey Report

The survey report provides deep and comprehensive insights on:

  • Employee Culture Alignment
  • Top Natural Value Behaviors
  • Employee Commitment
  • Star Employees
  • Core Value Effectiveness
  • Leading with Value Strength
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Employee Motivation
  • NPS & eNPS Scores

In addition, compare data across various survey demographics:

Leadership level
Mode of Working
Mode of Working
Leadership Level
Work Experience
Work Experience

Making culture your greatest asset can be hard, but that is why we've created Culture Fulfillment

Here is how it works:

Culture Fulfillment is a 6-month, step-by-step program that helps you

Bring your culture ALIVE

by engaging your entire team in surveys, interviews, and workshops to craft your unique cultural definition.

Make it THRIVE

by establishing values – based processes and implementing tools that will sustain culture over the long – term.

Use it to DRIVE performance

by connecting to your people to purpose, increasing accountability, and measuring the impact.

Make people your greatest asset with Culture Fulfillment, the only step-by-step, proven culture transformation framework that ensures a return on investment.

At The Culture Fix®, we know that you want to have an effective team that drives business performance. In order to do that, you need a strong company culture. The problem is 2/3rds of employees are disengaged which makes you feel frustrated.

We believe leading with values is good business and good for the people in it. We understand building the culture you’ve always dreamed of can be daunting which is why we created the only step – by – step. proven culture transformation framework that ensures a retuin on investment.

So, schedule a call today to start your Culture Fulfillment journey. And in the meantime, learn how your people rate your culture with our Employee Culture Survey. You can reverse employee disengagement, resuce turnover and empower your people to love where they work, why they work, and who they work with.

Meet your Culture Fix Actuator

From working in the corporate landscape including KPMG, Morgan & Banks and AT&T, to co-founding an international, award-winning ICT business, Jeni Clift has a wealth of experience in creating a successful business environment. With 30 years of experience across a variety of industries, she has invaluable insight into the motivators, values and behaviours that drive business growth and development.As an owner and co-founder of Otto IT (formerly DWM Solutions), Jeni is instrumental in its almost 20 years of operation and success. For DWM, the implementation of EOS in 2017 was a crucial turning point.

EOS created straightforward accountability, a simple framework to measure targeted areas and instilled a culture of discipline throughout the organisation. Through EOS she elevated her employees to manage DWM Solutions, enabling her to step back from operational roles. After seeing the impact of EOS in her business, she trained to become a Professional EOS Implementer to equip other entrepreneurs with the systems and tools for success. Her driving purpose is to help business owners get more of what they want from their businesses through the implementation of EOS.

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