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From the laboratory to the board room, the science of business as an EOS Implementer – Debra Chantry-Taylor


Debra Chantry-Taylor trained originally as a biochemist and food technologist. In the first 7 years of her career she worked at Glaxo Smith Klein and Roche Pharmaceuticals in sales and marketing.
As she grew her skills, Debra changed gear and shifted into senior management positions, GM and CEO roles in entrepreneurial businesses across a number industries.
After earning her start up wings and driving business performance, Debra started her first business. The company saw enormous growth and she bought out another company to support growth. Initially, the business soared and then failed miserably, forcing Debra to close the business and return to corporate life.
Undaunted Debra left her comfortable role in insurance and joined one of the Top 10 incubators in the world to coach their clients – from start-ups to established owner-managed business and from there began her EOS Implementer journey.

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