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Failure isn’t a person, it’s a moment! with CocoVinny Zaldivar – Episode 29

3 top tips from CocoVinny Zaldivar

1. Failure isn’t a person. It’s a moment that you can change.

Don’t take anything too seriously. I say every setback is a setup for a comeback. Even failure is not a person, it’s just a moment. And you can change that moment, just keep going. Don’t stop, don’t give up. You just have to keep things in perspective. Life is short, none of us are getting out of here alive. So that’s it, you just gotta laugh, have fun and do whatever you can to keep going on. That’s what I try to do.

2. Audiobooks

I have a hard time reading. True story, if I read a physical book for more than 15-20 minutes I kind of zone out, I almost fall asleep. So I try to listen to audio books. One of my staples is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. I got through the whole Shoe Dog book recently, which is the Phil Knight Nike story.

3. Weekly Level 10 meetings

My favourite EOS tool that we do weekly is our Level 10s. We sometimes miss it but it is really good to keep everything on track or to realise that you’re off track.

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CocoVinny Zaldivar, Debra Chantry-Taylor

Debra Chantry-Taylor  00:12

Welcome to another episode of Better Business Better Life. I’m your host, Debra Chantry-Taylor. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams get what they want out of business and life. On the show, I invite successful business owners and expert speakers to share their successes. They are open and honest about the highs and lows of business and also life as a business owner. We want to share those learnings with you to inspire you, but also to help you avoid some of the common mistakes. My hope is that you take something from each of these short episodes that you can put into action to help you get what you want, not only out of your business, but also your life. So good morning, welcome to another episode of Better Business better life. I am here today with the CocoVinny and for those of you who are avid kind of entrepreneur followers like myself, you will have probably seen CocoVinny on the Shark Tank and possibly also the Profit. So welcome CocoVinny, lovely to have you.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  01:06

Thanks. Thanks for having me.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  01:08

Oh my absolute pleasure. As I said to you, before we came on the podcast, I’ve been a little bit of a fan from abroad. So I’ve been really keen to catch up with you and see what’s going on. So 2017 was the Shark Tank, wasn’t it? That was when you first became

CocoVinny Zaldivar  01:22

That was the entrée, yes.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  01:27

But before that you’ve had quite an interesting life. I didn’t realise. But before that, give us a little bit of your story before the whole Coco Taps thing started.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  01:36

Yeah, so I mean, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was about 16. So a lot of different ventures. The venture right before I started Coco Taps, I was in the Internet gaming space, it was the only free to play legal Internet poker site in the United States. And it was an amazing adventure, I raised millions of dollars in capital, and I just came to a brick wall, so to speak, I guess I call it my quarter life crisis. And so that’s when I just went kind of walkabout and learned how to figure out what, what I really like for me, you know, so that was like, really the start of my kind of self-discovery on what I like, what’s good for me. And I realised that three things that are the most important to me were whatever I did next, it had to be good for people, had to be good for the planet, and it had to be fun. So those are my three, like non negotiables. Yeah, I’ll do the coconut. And that’s how it all kind of start.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  02:41

And more about that and how that all came about. But before that, would you mind sharing with our listeners, a professional and a personal best in your life so far?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  02:49

Yes. So far in my life? Or just in the week?

Debra Chantry-Taylor  02:54

No, no, the whole life, go for it, go for gold.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  02:58

Well, so I would say my personal best was there’s a bunch, but there’s some pivotal moments where you discover your power and who you are. And one of my personal bests was when I finished the Ironman. I did a half Ironman in Kona. In Hawaii, that was a personal best for me, as well as a full marathon. For a big guy like myself, I’m six five, you know, 300 pounds, and to do those kinds of events, those long-distance events, those are big, you know, things that teach you how you, you know, how you can do the impossible so to speak. And I’d say on a professional side I think it’s right now you know, Coco taps and discovering, you know, my true purpose and my passion and doing things like getting into Shark Tank and all these really amazing things that are happening. So that’s kind of my professional best. I think it’s something that, you know, we’ll carry on beyond you know, me, I think it’s just these really cool things that I just, I love it. So

Debra Chantry-Taylor  04:09

Fantastic. And we were talking before and obviously though you had the online gaming business and and from the outside in, it probably was like, you look like you had everything. But it really wasn’t enough. So you decided to have that hard reset. I think you called it and then you got started. Could you tell us how you came to discover or decided to develop Coco Taps?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  04:30

Yeah, so like I said, I was doing some long-distance event training the Ironman and running and everything and everybody’s saying drink coconut water and coconut water and I couldn’t stomach it. I thought I hated coconuts because you drink this packaged water and it tastes just God awful. And so I was in a meeting one day and the people were from Indonesia, and they brought these young Thai coconuts to the table. They didn’t have this yet, but they you know they were cracked open and it smells like man this amazing. So every day after my workouts I had a knife and a hammer, I was just cracking open these coconuts drinking them after my workouts and life was good, but two weeks after, after this process, the knife I was using belonged to my stepdad. And I ended up breaking the knife and messing up. I didn’t know it was a very prized possession. I thought it was unmarked, I thought it was just the knife, I could just go get it, well, he bought this knife in Germany 20 years ago, it was a big deal. And so it was a mess, because my mom was like, he’s mad, you broke his knife. But that’s where it started. And I was like, well, I can’t be the only gym mug sitting here, you know, breaking knives, almost cutting the fingers off for a coconut. So that’s where it all started. And I said, you know, why don’t we just take the top of water bottle and somehow get it into a coconut? That was the idea started.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  05:49

And then of course, it grew significantly. And you were in all the restaurants, all of the hotels? You know, what, where can we find Coco taps? In the US it’s all over isn’t it?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  06:00

It’s um, it’s expanding. We’re opening up to more territories, this next year in 2022. Our international footprint is probably going to be another year after that. Yeah, but the machine coming out, that will go in all the bars and restaurants. It’s a fully automated coconut cocktail machine. So you’ll put the raw coconut in it a laser brand, a logo. And it’ll even inject alcohol or juice or whatever you want into your coconut. So it’s a coconut cocktail making machine. So that’s our expansion plan that’s going to, those are going to roll out everywhere. And yeah, we have some exciting things before we get to all that I’ll tell you about my dream farms. Yeah, rebuilding coconut farms in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and even Puerto Rico, to localise the coconut supply for the United States. So that’s a big, big vision. 10-year target is to have 1 million coconut trees planted.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  06:59

That’s just awesome. So tell me, I obviously know that you’re using EOS in your business. And so when you talk about 10 year targets for me, it’s like, oh, yeah, of course, I expect that. But not every business owner has those sorts of 10-year targets, three-year plans, all those things. It’s one of the beauties of us, it gives us a chance to kind of fully plan. How did you come across EOS? And why did you bring it into your business?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  07:20

Well, one of my friends and you know, clients of a previous business, Shelley Woodrow, and she just, you know, she’d been going through all this training, and she told me about it. And it’s like, bam, it sounds great, you know, and this was pre COVID. So we started and then COVID hit. And it was just, I mean, it’s probably one of the best things that happened, could have happened to us during COVID. Because it still we did everything remote, but it was still helpful to go through these processes and still learn how to pivot and learn how to adapt and adjust to what’s going on and adjust the targets and yeah, make news and all that stuff.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  08:04

Because it hit you pretty hard. Right? So COVID lockdowns over in the US.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  08:08

Oh my gosh, I mean, we were shut down. We probably, last 18 months, our revenue was just terrible. So it was kind of depressing to be honest, because we had just landed some big deals with like big cruise liners, Royal Caribbean, and things were starting to really get traction and then zero. And that just, you know, we did our best we kept our whole team on payroll, thank God, we had a little bit of cash in the bank, but I just let it dwindle out and down because I didn’t want you know, our team to suffer. You just, it is what it is. So we were able to pivot a bit, we did a little home delivery service stuff, they, you know, we kind of got customers and essential business because it was like food and beverage kind of thing. So a little bit of that. But it really gave us time to think about not just being you know, in the business, but getting on the business and I expanded my horizons, I accelerated that tapping machine that I told you about. And yeah, a lot of good things come out of it, though.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  09:13

And so how do you think you would have coped if you hadn’t been doing EOS at that time? Because my understanding is it does bring the team together, it gets you thinking about longer term, not just the day-to-day stuff, but yeah, give me your experience of it.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  09:28

Yeah, what’s neat is that a lot of people don’t think long term. But my problem is that I’m so macro a lot of times I’m so big vision that it actually helped me bring it in. And so the 10 year target is actually like, the 10 years like the one year to me because I was an eight year plan kind of thing. I was like, Oh, I got this, you know this and then it’s like, oh no, let’s do to 10 years and so it’s been great. It’s helped our team focus, so refocus, measurements, KPIs, management’s, you know, all that stuff is just really helpful. And it’s, it’s helped win out, you know, our core values, having our core values, has really helped us hire and fire very, very efficiently. So there’s just some really great things that have come out of it.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  10:22

Tell me about the hiring and firing using the core value. It’s like, that’s something we talk about all the time. But how does it work in practice?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  10:29

What’s neat is that when we run our culture is so tied to our core values that we don’t have to fire people. If they’re not in alignment, they just go, they just self select out. And when we hire our hiring, you know, we really iterate and make sure that they understand, like, what we’re all about, and what the what the vibe is. And so it’s been really nice that we haven’t had to fire anybody, they’ll quit.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  10:54

They’ll be like that, right? Yeah. And I can say, I know you’re a big picture thinker. I can see from obviously your other experiences as well. But did you? Did you know, you were a visionary? And did you have any understanding of what impact that can have on the business?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  11:14

I guess I knew, but this whole, you know, all the tests and all the different things that we do, it’s even given me more insight into it. So I mean, I’m a what they call it a quick start. I’m like a 10?

Debra Chantry-Taylor  11:30

I know, I’m a nine. That’s pretty high, but 10. Wow.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  11:34

I was like, okay. So yeah, you learn. I’m learning about all this stuff.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  11:39

Yeah. And I’m assuming you’ve got a good integrator who balances you in the business?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  11:46

Oh, definitely. Yeah. We’ve got Ashley and Coco Rob. They’re really good. Keeping me in check. They’re excellent.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  11:56

And so I’m just wondering, so I mean, a lot of people we’re I’m from New Zealand, as you know. And we are currently in day 71 of our lockdown of, I think it’s our fifth lockdown. And it’s getting frustrating, because people don’t quite know what’s happening. And for a lot of people, they that go, Well, I don’t want to start anything new. Because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I try and argue with them and say, well, actually, this is the perfect time. We’re looking at it. You must have gone through something like this when COVID hit, you know, did you have the old bush to put everything on hold? Or?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  12:27

Well, yeah, I mean, I stepped on the gas hard. So I doubled down on our r&d, the development of the machine, I doubled down on fundraising, I was actually reaching out to investors and raising money through the pandemic. So I was able to raise close to a million bucks during that time, in the pandemic, I was just hammering the phones, hammering the phones, it’s really hard to raise money, though, when you’re having to be not in person. For me, I’m a very, you know, relationship driven person. So, I like to build rapport and develop connection first before I ask people for money or anything like that, but it’s challenging, but we were able to get some really good people on board. So yeah,

Debra Chantry-Taylor  13:12

So the things that you totally took to raise the money for, you actually brought in place, they were part of your plan for going forward. It just got brought forward or it gave you time to focus on it. What would what does that look like for you?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  13:24

Yeah it gave me time to focus. And I just, I loved the, I mean, not having to do anything the day to day, so to speak, and then love working on the strategic part of it. So it just, it was tough. I was really grinding hard. And then also we went out to the streets, like, there was a lockdown. But there was people out there that were just not, you know, they started eating outside and doing things outdoors instead of being inside places. So we would go and set up our table out at the park where all those traffic was at. And we would sell coconuts out to the crowd, you just kind of like guerilla street marketing in a way that really worked that really paid off big. We set up at the Las Vegas sign when traffic’s mag. And so that was good. But you know, we had to get real creative. It was it was challenging. I tell you, I had so many like start stops. I mean, we lost probably $2 million in business because the pandemic just shut down.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  14:38

How do you keep the team motivated from all that?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  14:44

Work, you have to work and just stay at it, you know, and keep paying everybody. They’re very grateful for that.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  14:53


CocoVinny Zaldivar  14:57

We didn’t have to do that. But they you know, they could see I was doing everything I can to keep it together. So I think when you go all in and you bet all in and you just keep working and they follow, you know, that keeps people motivated too.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  15:12

Of course, and you’re off on a trip tomorrow. Is that right?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  15:15

Yeah, I’m excited. We’re going to Costa Rica tomorrow. Yeah. We are going to tour two different farms that we’re going to potentially buy, to start planting coconuts. Yep. We’re excited. We’re gonna plant a lot of trees, a lot of coconut trees.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  15:31

Yeah, that’s fantastic. I would say that. So just from an overall point of view, in terms of business, now we talk about this whole hockey stick growth. Well, I don’t, but universities saying so this is the way the business grows. It’s all beautiful and smooth. It’s not like that in real life, is it?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  15:46

No, it’s not at all. No, they say it takes 10 years to make an overnight success. Yeah. And I’m on year seven or eight right now in this venture. And honestly, it feels like we’re just getting started. So I like to, I like to look long game. The biggest question that I hate being asked, by investors or by anybody is, what’s your exit strategy? What’s your exit strategy? And I’m like, that’s such a stupid question to me. Because it’s like, if you build something that you want, and that you want to exist in the world, you don’t want to think about getting out of it. It’s like I just started, I just came in, why would you want to go thinking about getting out. And I think if you’re thinking about getting out all the time, you lose a passion, you lose the love for the actual project, you’re just thinking like a flipper or like a trader, such a big difference between a long term investor, long term shareholder versus a trader, or somebody just trying to get in, get out, make some money, flip it up. So that one of the things that I feel like in my life now that I’ve found something that I truly enjoy, and I’m passionate about. If I only need to think about an exit, an exit will come. If I shows up with a giant, ginormous check, I may or may not take it, but I want to be here for the rest of my life, so to speak, you know, like I’m all in so I don’t need to worry about those kinds of things.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  17:19

And I think you mentioned the beginning, you’ve got the three things that are really important is if you’re doing what you love with people that you love, you’re making a significant difference to the planet. Why would you, and you’ve got time still to pursue other passions – why would you actually want to exit?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  17:35

Exactly, yeah. Build something with value that will keep continuing to add value? Why get rid of it.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  17:42

So tell me, what do you do outside of work? What are your passions outside of work? And do you find time to do those these days?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  17:49

So it’s been a little challenging, because coming out of COVID we just been gangbusters and just go go go go go? Yep. I love riding my bike. I like exercising. Although you can’t really tell right now. No, but like, I like playing a piano, ukulele. I’m just passionate about life, I guess. And just like people, you know, I like dancing. I like singing karaoke. There’s so many things that I like to do. You know, I love building businesses too.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  18:28

So what’s been your number one challenge in the business? And how did you overcome it?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  18:35

Well, I wouldn’t say we overcame it yet. But one of the biggest challenges in any business, but in this business is been just I’d say capital, raising enough capital, when you have something that’s brand new, that’s never been done. There’s a lot of r&d, there’s a lot of different things that you got to work on. So that was that, you know, that’s been a challenge. Fundraising, potentially, but we’ve overcome those just really just meeting more people and working hard. I’d say another challenge for the business or for me personally,

Debra Chantry-Taylor  19:18

As both the business owner but also for the business.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  19:22

Yeah, I mean, you know, they always talk about oh, life balance. Like that’s a fallacy. No, I feel like that’s, you’re gonna, you hear it a lot. But if you’re going to build a business, you’re going to put it out there. Things are going to get out of balance, and you’re just going to work to get them you know, they’re going to go this way then you got to just lean in that way. So I think that’s the biggest challenge or the thing that people have to realise if you’re going to go into business. This is not made for everyone you have to have, I tell people you got to have really big coconuts for this game.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  19:58

So what do you do when you find yourself out of balance? Well, I’m with you, I don’t believe that actually, it’s a balance as in, it comes down to if you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t really matter. But that said, you’ve got to be doing things that you love in all areas of your life. So if you catch yourself and realise that maybe things aren’t quite going the way that you would hope they would do, what do you do, then?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  20:18

You just, you write it down. Like, okay, I need to do this. And then you start scheduling, what those little baby steps are gonna be, and just start, you know, so there’s some of the things that I’m, you know, I’m working on personally, you know, it’s like, okay, we’re gonna get our workouts in, in the morning, we’re gonna, you know, put the phone away X amount of time, or you just have to really draw a line and stay stable. Stick with it as best you can. You’re never gonna, nothing’s perfect. You’re never gonna know, whatever. But I think writing it down for me is helped to just get back on track. Right?

Debra Chantry-Taylor  20:56

Perfect. And from a thing that you’re most proud of in the current business. What is it?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  21:05

Oh my gosh. I would say it’s this tap here. Yep. We’re proud because it took me over three years to get this made. This used to be made out of plastic. And now the little tap here is not plastic. It’s made out of an ocean safe, fully compostable, biodegradable, material corn material. Yeah, this makes us full zero waste. So we could grind this up. We could bury this in the backyard. Yeah, even in the ocean, or, you know, this coconut is yard waste. So we can literally use all of this again, and grind it down and make other products. So I’m very proud that we got our patent on this. And it was really difficult. Like the tap and the cap has been just, this was a challenge to get something that’s not plastic. Yep. This is amazing. It performs like that, we found some partners called Beyond Green in California. And they helped us get this, make this real. So this was a dream. So I’m extremely proud of this. And also the machine that we’re building right now.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  22:21

That sounds that sounds so exciting.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  22:25

Then we make them real and I’m like, Oh my God, you know. So that’s, that’s it? You know, that’s what it’s all about.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  22:33

Hey, for the listeners listening in, they’re generally business under sales, they may have feel like they’re hitting the ceiling or coming up against some challenges. What are the three sort of top tips that you would give them for having a better business and a better life for that matter?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  22:48

Well, I’m not taking anything too seriously. I say every setback is a setup for a comeback. Yeah. So that’s my big thing is like even failure is not a person, it’s just a moment. And you can change that moment. And just keep going. Don’t stop, keep going. Don’t give up you know. What is it? Like I said, Anything. Anything worth stressing over is not worth it at all. I just really don’t, you know, you just got to keep things in perspective. Life is short. Anyways, none of us are getting out of here alive. Some of us haven’t with all this pandemic stuff and just all the things going on. You know, like, I think that’s what I’m so passionate about just spreading some happiness, some joy, some coco love, something that you know what? I love this business because it’s like, I tell my team sometimes because we get stressed. See, look guys, it’s just coconuts. Right? It’s just coconuts. Like let’s just keep it in perspective. Keep it in check. So that’s it you gotta laugh. You gotta have fun is whatever you can do to keep going on. That’s what I try to do.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  24:17

Have you got any favourite you know, books or podcasts TED Talks that you highly recommend?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  24:25

So lately I haven’t been consuming much of anything I’ve just been going going going but I’ve read Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich a lot. That’s one of the staples. I have a hard time reading. True story if I read a physical book for more than 15-20 minutes I kind of zone out, you almost fall asleep. But I try to listen to audio books, I got through the whole Shoe Dog book recently, which is the Phil Knight Nike story book inspired. Yeah, that’s very inspirational. I mean, you know, to each his own, I kind of feel like I’m making a book, have a story to tell in this whole process of things that I’ve done and, you know, adventures that I’ve been on. All the bad things have happened to me in my life are going to be an amazing story because we’ve overcome them.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  25:21

Yeah, I completely agree. I look forward to reading that book. What about, so me using my little EOS hat, what’s your favourite EOS tool?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  25:31

Tool? Ah, my favourite EOS tool. I would say my favourite one that we sometimes miss is our level 10s. And that tool is just really good to keep everything you know, on track or to realise that you’re off track. That’s one of my favourites that we do weekly, you know?

Debra Chantry-Taylor  25:59

Yeah, I’ve seen it makes such a big difference to client meetings. Yeah. Even from the beginning. It can actually change your business, I think. Yeah. Okay, so this is an international podcast that’s mostly based in New Zealand and Australia. But if somebody wanted to get in contact with you and find out more information or ask you a question, how would they get hold of you?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  26:18

So you can, I’m on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. CocoVinny as well as and I’m pretty easy to get a hold of if you just Google CocoVinny, you can catch me. I’m pretty active and responsive.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  26:38

You are wonderful. In fact, the reason that we got introduced was through Shelley having talked to her on the weekend. She said you know, you must meet CocoVinny. I think I sent you a LinkedIn message and you came back almost immediately, which was fantastic. So thank you for that. Really appreciate it. To just finish us off, can you paint us a picture what’s this is going to look like in another three year’s time when you’ve done your 10 years?

CocoVinny Zaldivar  27:01

Well, so the most exciting thing is that we’re gonna have these beautiful agro-tourism resorts in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, where people can come kick the feet up, have a coconut, get tapped in, you know, tap into nature, tap into life, the simple kind of life. So we’re gonna allow people to sponsor a tree with us. So every tree that we plant is going to sequester 80 pounds of carbon out of the air. So over 25 years, each tree will sequester one metric tonne of carbon out of the air. So it’s a major impactful project for us. So we’re going to be in our Coco Bungalow. You know, spreading the Coco love, all the all the restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, theme parks, everybody’s going to get involved. And we’re all going to help make this world a better place by building soil, creating healthy food, air and water. So that’s the dream. Coco dream is real simple.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  27:58

So I can’t wait to come be part of it. Hey look CocoVinny, it has been absolutely delightful to finally get to meet you, after following you all these years. And thank you for your time. Really, really appreciate it. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the day that over this side of the world, we also get our own Coco Taps.

CocoVinny Zaldivar  28:14

Locked in, I’m going to come visit. I swear I will.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  28:17

We’d love you to!

CocoVinny Zaldivar  28:19

Yeah, come say hello to Ellie, the little elephant in the room.

Debra Chantry-Taylor  28:23

Come and say hi to me. Absolutely. Look thank you so much for your time. Really appreciate it. We’ll talk again soon. Thanks again for joining us on Better Business Better Life with me your host, Debra Chantry-Taylor. If you enjoy what you heard, then please subscribe to this podcast. And let us help you to get what you want out of business in life. Each week we release a new short episode which will give a success story and three takeouts to put into action immediately. These will help you take your business from good to great. The podcast is also supported by free resources, templates and useful tools, which you can find at I am a trained entrepreneur leadership and business coach, a professional EOS implementer and an established business owner myself. I work with established businesses to help them get what they want. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to have a chat about how I might be to help you. Or if you’d like to join me as a guest on this podcast. Thanks again to NZ audio editors for producing this podcast. See you on the next episode.

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