Training Online Never Felt This Good

Who would have thought that by the end of 2020, we’d all know what Zoom was 🙄

Back in January we thought Zoom was going really fast 🏎

But now, it’s one of the most recognisable tools for online meetings.

Bigger than Skype!

All it took was a pandemic and we all feel comfortable being on a web conferencing site.

So comfortable in fact, people are embracing Zoom calls as opposed to regular one on one face to face meetings.

It’s changed the game for so many people.

And as Justine of Your Virtual Assistant mentions in her video today, I too have embraced 🤗 the platform to deliver the EOS training for her business.

✅ EOS has changed her world along with Zoom.

How often do you use Zoom in your business and has it changed the way you operate❓️

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