Better Business, Better Profit With Dave Rouse

Dave is a Kiwi born entrepreneur, who grew up between the bush in the Waitakeres, and working on an organic farm in his teenage years. Dave’s connection to the land and his Maori heritage, has seen him bring a unique set of sustainability value into a variety of businesses.

Dave has owned over a dozen businesses and a charity, as well as holding several board positions.

Each with (or under pressure from Dave to have), triple bottom line reporting.

Most have won environmental (such as SBN) and business (such as Westpac) awards. Philanthropic focus saw Dave’s attention move to charity and supporting startups, particularly those that improved environmental outcomes, which is where his current journey with the other co-founders of CarbonClick began.

Dave was a founding trustee of Sea Cleaners Trust, but has since channeled all his focus into CarbonClick. When Dave handed over the reigns at SeaCleaners, they had removed over 200 shipping containers worth of plastics from NZ’s marine environment. A testament to his values of just doing it rather than talking about doing.

Dave sees the struggles people have, when they aren’t connected to the environment around them, and his concern is that the disconnect is becoming stronger as we are left with less of it every day.

The very environment that supports every one of us. Dave is on a mission to restore these opportunities, through supporting projects that have strong biodiversity and social outcomes, and sharing these stories with individuals, encouraging them to reconnect.

Join us at 4.30pm today to hear Dave talk about Better Business, Better Profit from his perspective.

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