Are You Working In Or On Your Business

Are You Working IN or ON Your Business?

All companies undergo periods of growth 📈

Periods of growth are turbulent for any company, as they are inherently unstable and carry risk.

In practice, there will always be barriers 🧱 impeding growth.

It is both the will and the ability to overcome these barriers which enable a firm to grow.

The will, as an extension of the entrepreneurial spirit, is needed as there are many companies which stagnate due to their unwillingness to take the risks associated with growth.

While growth may appear risky compared to temporary stability, stagnation in a high-tech company increases the risk of failure.

Innovating in response to changes in the market is a good way to mitigate risk.

Careful planning can decrease risk ✳️

Being able to anticipate the majority of risks involved and successfully navigating them is what allows firms to grow.

In my video today with Natalie and Candice, we talk through their growth and the key mindset shift was focusing working on rather than in the business 🤔

What risks are you mitigating for growth in 2021❓️

Are you planning now to decrease those risks later❓️

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