Your parents gave you the wrong advice..

I don’t know about you, but when I was younger my parents used to say ‘Just treat people how you like to be treated’.

Now I appreciate the sentiment and I know it is well intended, but it doesn’t work, well not all of the time.

The trouble is if I treat people how I like to be treated, I might suit some people, but will inadvertently drive others crazy.

We are all unique, we have different styles of communication and show up differently in a team. For example, I like detail but if I provide the detail I appreciate to some, it will leave them feeling cold! When I ask questions to get the details I want I can literally see the enthusiasm drain from some people.

So, we must learn how to treat people to as they like to be treated.

But How…

I know you will have heard this advice before and at The Colour Code, we teach you how to do it. We use a diagnostic tool that is used by many of the world’s most respected companies, to guide you through these 4 Steps

  1. Explore and discover more about yourself
  2. Learn how to recognise and appreciate others’ differences.
  3. Discover how to adapt your style to connect more effectively with others.
  4. Take action and put your learning into practice.

We produce you a personal profile and will facilitate the learning through 1:1 coaching or facilitated team sessions.

So what…

Just think about all the connections that are important to your business, with partners, with colleagues, with clients. If you can master these skills, you can make every connection more effective to improve your business results.

This could give you the skills to understand how others like to communicate, what motivates them, what causes them to feel pressure or how they respond to change. Sharing this learning amongst a team can help them gel and perform faster.

We can use these skills to become more effective leaders, build stronger teams and enhance client relationships.

On a personal note, I know though my career I always did my best work when I felt understood and valued. This is something you can achieve for your teams with these skills.

Want to have a chat about how this could support your work?

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