Why choose a Professional EOS Implementer over self-implementing?

Have you been thinking about using the Entrepreneurial Operating System®? The proven Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) strengthens to the 6 key components of your business to ensure your team performs well – to get the results your business wants.

Implemented correctly, it will help your business or organisation excel & help you to get what you want out of your business.

Implementing EOS to its full extent is the key to seeing the best results.

So, do you have the resources to effectively self-implement the EOS? Or should you hire a Professional EOS Implementer to ensure that you will see the full benefits?

This article is written to give you some things to think about it you are questioning whether to self-implement or invest in a Professional EOS Implementer.

First of all, let’s define the 2 options:

What is a Professional EOS Implementer?

A Professional EOS Implementer is someone who helps entrepreneurial leaders

  1. Achieve company-wide alignment on their vision.
  2. Gain real traction against that vision.
  3. Create healthy teams and culture through masterful EOS implementation.

A Professional EOS Implementer has received extensive training from EOS Worldwide & has access to a community of EOS Professionals as well as support from EOS Head Office. They have an entrepreneurial business leadership background or in my case, they have also owned & managed several businesses.

They have successfully completed the EOS Professional Implementer Boot Camp, work with multiple growth-minded companies to implement EOS, and continuously train towards EOS mastery.

They have to have the following experience to maintain their professional status:

30+ Sessions per year 8.75+ Average session rating 4+ Successful implementations

EOS Implementers use the proven, simple, and practical tools of EOS through its proven process to help leaders strengthen all Six Key Components™ of their business to get the best results.

Implementers are experts at:

  • TEACHING every tool in the EOS Toolbox™
  • FACILITATING clarity, alignment, and resolution
  • COACHING EOS® purity and accountability, and helping the leadership team become its best

What is self-implementing?

Self-implementing means you take the tools yourself & implement them into your business.

Most of the tools are freely available from the EOS Worldwide website.

You can use the book Traction, to help you understand the tools.

Before you decide which way to go, please consider the following:

Can you be objective?

In the words of Jason Kolevski:

The most powerful reason to use an external coach/facilitator/implementor is because it’s impossible for a business to be objective with itself. This is where the gems are drawn from to create magical shifts!

  • Are you able to spot problems in the company and be objective about them?
  • Deal with the team’s dynamics & call out the elephants in the room?
  • Are you able to stand back and listen to all the leader’s points of view?

This is part of the role when you self-implement.

You also need to step out of your shoes and make sure you are also accountable for your undoing.

It is a challenging task to do when you are on the inside.

It is easier to have someone come in from the outside to offer an objective point of view and listen to the team’s perspective without taking it personally.

A Professional EOS Implementer can provide an outside professional perspective to challenge your habits and beliefs to create your best team yet. They will help your company align to your true vision and goals.

How valuable is your time?

The initial cost of self-implementing is not as high as hiring a Professional EOS Implementer.

EOS provides all the tools for self-implementation meaning a team member can complete the basic training and then facilitate, teach and coach the leaders in your organisation.

However, have you thought about the cost and time put towards the training and initial implementation?

Hiring a Professional EOS Implementer to teach EOS in its pure form helps your leadership team implement it faster and more effectively, possibly saving you costs in the long term,

Will you get the best results?

When organisations self-implement, they might not follow the EOS proven process: they only select the tools that they want to use or not use them correctly.

This might provide some results, but not the best results.

A Professional EOS Implementer is experienced and a master of all the tools in the process.

They understand the science behind the process and the order it needs to be implemented.

They have been professionally trained in using EOS and understand how to customise the system to different organisations.

They will teach you to use all the right tools in the toolbox to ensure you get the results you want.

They also have experience with many different organisations so can share that experience. For example, I have worked with over 5000 businesses & their leaders – this means that I know the questions to ask of your team.

Are you committed?

Entrepreneurs are motivated and like to take on challenges.

You might see self-implementing as your next challenge.

However, implementing the EOS takes time, commitment and follow-through.

The nominated person to integrate and facilitate EOS might be pulled away to complete work commitments without having enough time to see it through.

A Professional EOS Implementer will implement and facilitate the entire process and provide ongoing support. They will ensure EOS becomes an integral part of your organisation.

Do you want to do it alone?

When you self-implement, you and your team do it on your own. You must be genuinely accountable for your actions as the facilitator of the EOS and your role in the business. A Professional EOS Implementer can guide you through the implementation, provide ongoing support to help deal with issues and continually teach you how to use the tools effectively.

So, which option will work best for us?

If you just consider the cost of an Implementer then the obvious choice would be to self implement.

However, working with a professional EOS Implementer will get you better results & faster, meaning you can pay back the investment & still be ahead after the investment.

On average a client working with an EOS Implementer sees an increase of 18% to the bottom line, over a year. Sometimes it’s as high as 40%!

Do the maths & work out whether you can afford not to do it with a professional implementer 🙂

An analogy I like to use is this:

You can youtube anything or read a book & learn how to do it. However, would you trust a brain surgeon who was youtube or book trained or would you prefer them to be qualified & experienced?

Whilst your business is not quite as critical as your brain, your business is an important asset.

Using a qualified & experienced Professional EOS Implementer will ensure your asset is in good hands.

Put another way, EOS is Simple but implementing it can be hard.

Much like losing weight – the method is really simple:

  1. Eat less food
  2. Do more exercise

And yet, many of us struggle to do it. That’s why we engage with personal trainers & coaches to help us achieve that result.

As Firefly say in their whitepaper – “How Investors and Boards Can Use EOS® To Align Teams and Drive Results.”

“Use a Certified or Professional EOS Implementer. As noted above, we strongly believe the investment in a competent, experienced facilitator who fits with the personality of the leadership team pays off in a swifter, more enduring implementation.

Our experience with self- implementation is that it’s better than not doing EOS at all but won’t deliver the same impact. A lot rides on an EOS implementation – investing in an Implementer increases the odds of success.”

Download the whitepaper to find out more:

And if you don’t believe me, take a listen to Justine taking about the difference – going from self-implementing to using me as their Implementer:

If I have convinced you of the merits of using a Professional Implementer, then please see below around whether you are ready & how I can help.

Are you ready to hire a Professional EOS Implementer?

I can help you get what you want out of business and life!

Using EOS with my unique blend of experience as a Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coaching & Business Coaching skills, I can help you and your team become better leaders and create a business that elevates you to achieve better results.

To start with me as a client you need to be:

  • Open-minded​
  • Respectful
  • Appreciative
  • Growth-oriented
  • Frustrated
  • Want help
  • Willing to be open, honest & vulnerable

If you meet the criteria & want to talk then book me in for a quick chat, using the button below.

What do others say about working with a Professional EOS Implementer?

“I tried to self-implement, and it was a disaster. Everything changed when we brought in a Professional EOS Implementer®. Now we’ve made the Inc. 5000 List 5 times in 10 years, and our Implementer is an indispensable part of our business.”

TRACY CALL, CEO/Founder of Media Bridge Advertising

“We tried to self-implement, and we didn’t get anywhere. We got busy & EOS took a back seat plus we picked & chose which tools we wanted to use. We got Debra in to help us & we haven’t looked back. Last year, despite Covid, we were focused & smashed our extended targets. This year we are already well on our way to reaching our goals.”

JUSTINE PARSON, Visionary/Founder of Your Virtual Assistant

All EOS Implementers share the following values:

ARE HUMBLY CONFIDENT open, honest, real and well-practiced, ready to make a positive difference

DO THE RIGHT THING never betraying a trust and doing whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward

GROW OR DIE driven to maximize every situation and take ourselves and our clients to the next level

HELP FIRST subordinating our personal interests to advance others, always giving value before expecting anything in return

DO WHAT WE SAY sometimes more, never less

Debra Chantry-Taylor

Professional EOS Implementer | Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Coach | Business Owner

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