What Is Traction & the Entrepreneurial Operating System?

Entrepreneurial Operating System

“Vision without Traction is hallucination”, says Gino Wickman, the author of the book Traction which outlines the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

What he means by this is that the best Vision in the world can only be achieved if you have traction in your organisation.

Traction is achieved when everyone in our organisation is rowing in the same direction, clear on where they want to get to & how they’re going to get there plus having the focus, discipline & accountability so that everyone executes on that plan every day.

However, it is also recognised that you can’t achieve this without having a healthy team. Most businesses focus on having a smart team but not necessarily a healthy team. A health team is a team where leaders trust each other & are prepared to have uncomfortable conversations for the greater good of the organisation.

There are a myriad of management books, systems & consultants who will tell you that they can help you to drive greater profits, bigger results & brand value but many overcomplicate it or are just too theoretical for Entrepreneurial, Family & Privately-owned businesses.

The beauty of EOS, as outlined in the Traction book, is that it is both simple & effective. It is designed with the Entrepreneur & Family Business in mind.

EOS Traction / Entrepreneurial Operating System Components

Regardless of whether your business is 1 year old or 20 years old, it will have issues. In fact, every business experiences around 136 issues in their lifetime.

EOS uncovers these issues by putting a spotlight on the business. It will uncover fundamental issues limiting you from gaining complete control of your time and your business.

You then work to strengthen 6 key components & solve these issues at the root cause:

  • VISION Aligning the whole team, on one vision of who you are, why you exist, what you do best & where you are headed in the form of a simple 2-page plan
  • PEOPLE Surrounding yourself people who share your core values & are doing the job that best utilises their expertise & passion, so that they help you to achieve your vision
  • DATA Being able to make decisions that take the business forward by measuring the right things, at the right time, objectively & reacting quickly to them
  • ISSUES Proactively identifying & resolving issues, challenges & opportunities both in the short & long term, ensuring that they disappear forever or are used to their full advantage
  • PROCESS Documenting the core processes in each area of the business & ensure that everyone is following them for consistency & scalability
  • TRACTION Ensure that everyone in the organisation knows what they are accountable for, how they contribute to achieving the vision & has the discipline to achieve the plan

The traction entrepreneurial operating system is a set of simple and practical tools that give you the framework & the structure to strengthen these 6 key components, enabling business growth & sustainable business success.

What Are The Characteristics Of An EOS Business NZ?

EOS is used in over 130,000 businesses worldwide.

Having worked with over 500 NZ, Australian & overseas based businesses, we know that people come to us because they experience one of the following issues.

Ask yourself if you experience any of them to understand if EOS or Traction might be good for you?

  • LACK OF CONTROL: Never enough time! Is the business running you?
  • PEOPLE ISSUES: Frustrated by lack of accountability and follow-through?
  • PROFIT: Not enough of it! Left on the table or slipping through the cracks?
  • GROWTH: Hit a ceiling? You’ve tried everything with no tangible results.

When NZ businesses implement EOS as outlined in Traction, they get clear on their Vision, they gain Traction in the organization & they have a Healthy Team. As a consequence they start to create their ideal life, through creating a better business.

The EOS Life is described as:

  • Doing what you love
  • With people you love
  • Making a significant difference
  • Being compensated appropriately
  • With time to purse other passions

In successful EOS businesses, everyone in the team experiences this EOS Life.

It is all done through implementing a set of simple concepts and practical tools through a proven process.

We have experience with implementing  Traction & The Entrepreneurial Operating System in businesses in New Zealand, Australia, US, UK & Philippines & can share these experience with you or you can call one of our clients & find out what EOS has done for their business & their life.

Propel your business into sustainable growth & achieve your EOS life with traction and the entrepreneurial operating system. Call us!

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