We are hiring… Executive Assistant / Integrator / Customer Service

EOS Implementer seeks EOS Integrator for EOS Clients

Seeking a full-time, permanent executive assistant / integrator / customer service for a small business owner.

Debra, the founder of Business Action, is an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer. She is looking for a right-hand person.

Debra works with family & professional services businesses to help them get clear on their vision, gain traction toward their vision & be a healthy team. Her work typically looks like leading workshops or running full-day sessions with her clients. Other days are filled with writing articles or books and recording podcasts & videos. And other days are all about meeting one on one with her network or attending networking events (A couple of which she is the leader for).

We are also working on a couple of new projects under the Business Action brand (https://www.businessaction.co.nz/) that will employ staff, so there’s plenty of room for growth.

Debra absolutely loves working with my clients, leading workshops, meeting with people, writing & creating content to help people make great decisions in their businesses. She also loves adventures, travel & spending time with her family & friends… And she wants to be present while doing those things (although this can be a challenge as she loves her work so much!).

It is time for her to spend all of my time doing what I love & find a partner to take care of the rest of my work (personal and professional).

That is where you come in.

This position will help Debra run a great business & keep her personal life on track.

If you’re the kind of person who:

  • Works hard, laughs hard & goes home
  • Believes that when you have the right people, 1 + 1 can equal more than 2
  • Wants to work with people you love & do work you love
  • Wants to make a huge difference & get paid fairly
  • Has an abundance mindset

You’re probably a good fit.

If people have said things like this about you:

  • You always anticipate what I need
  • You think of everything
  • Thanks for helping
  • Thanks for challenging me on my thinking
  • You made this better than I could have imagined
  • Thanks for taking the initiative

You’re probably a good fit.

If this sounds fun to you:

  • Maximising the heck out of Debra’s personal & professional calendar so she has more than enough time to live a healthy life, show up for her family & friends, serve her clients, do creative work & have some fun
  • Managing all of Debra’s emails, so she spends very little time in it
  • Following processes that help Debra grow her business & serve our clients
  • Keeping Debra on track with projects, client sessions & her network
  • Ensuring that our clients have an excellent experience working with Debra & the team (emails are clear & timely, meals are what they want & on time, we remember important dates in their lives etc.)
  • Ensuring that Debra has an excellent experience (anticipating her needs, having what she needs for client sessions, keeping her on track with speaking engagements, podcasts & projects etc)
  • Helping Debra keep her business & personal life on track
  • Taking on other projects for the business or her personal life (could include forcing her to finally organise our office or even help her do it, scheduling her dog’s vet appointments, scheduling a house cleaner etc)
  • Doing work around the office & workshop space that keeps it running smoothly (dishes, organising cleaning, ordering, walking the dog)

This is a job you’ll love.

If the following things make you want to run a mile:

  • Having a boss who is terrible with details & full of bright ideas (not all of them great!)
  • Getting A LOT of work done but also having fun & laughing at ourselves
  • Being expected to be a self-starter
  • Being expected to create your own structure
  • Working in a small company (there are just 2 of us in person & 4 virtually)
  • Right-wing people (Debra leans this way)
  • Left-wing people (several of our clients are)
  • Religious people (several of our clients are)
  • Swearing (Debra does this a lot – I’m British & the F word sometimes flows)
  • Spelling errors (Debra commits many of them)
  • Email management & answering emails
  • Picking up the phone & talking to people
  • Managing a calendar
  • Managing multiple outsource partners – agency, marketing, suppliers, cleaning company & VAs
  • Working from an office in Newmarket
  • Working side by side with a Visionary
  • Challenging someone’s ideas in a kind way
  • Being asked to find a way to do something that you’ve never done before
  • Being held accountable
  • Not knowing what each day will bring

This is a job you will hate.

 Specific duties include the following:

  • Defining and following processes that ensure:

– The business hits numbers

– We increase our network

– We deliver high-quality work

– Email is responded to

– Clients have a great experience

– Speaking engagements are handled professionally & maximised

– Our outsourced partners are kept accountable & are delivering

  • Maximising Debra’s personal & professional calendar
  • Owning Debra’s email inbox
  • Filing client details & managing our CRM
  • Preparing for speaking engagements & session details
  • Setting up travel details
  • Sending out materials to our clients
  • Helping to drive business & personal projects such as organising files, materials, supplies, cupboards, junk drawers, dog vet appointments (you know, the stuff of life)
  • Keeping Debra on track to accomplish personal and professional goals (essentially bossing her around like a Mum to keep her on track)
  • Scanning & filing stuff
  • Managing office & workshop supplies
  • Organising cleaning, doing the dishes (in a dishwasher) & dog walking

This is a permanent full-time role working using the 4-day work week principle, meaning you will be paid for 37.5 hours per week but will only work 4 days or 30 hours, with the additional day for you to do your personal things.

Hours will generally be from 8am-4pm with options for flexibility and some work from home, but only as agreed & not on regular days.

You will get a desk in a beautiful office on the edge of The Domain, car parking, a company desktop, laptop, iPad, remarkable & iPhone… And any other tools you need.

This role will start in 2023 – possibly in January or February / Early March, with agreement from both parties. We will pay the market rate based on your experience.

And your first job will be helping Debra clean up the office & workshop space, selling off the excess ‘stuff’ & re-furnishing the space.

Please contact Debra at 021 332 007 or debra@businessaction.co.nz to organise an initial chat. 

Closing date for applications – Friday 20th January 2023.

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