Are you branding yourself effectively with your materials?

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As an EOS Implementer, I give away a lot of books, training materials, folders & even kindles to my clients. I also use books to attract new clients.

And each of these materials is an opportunity to reinforce my brand & share messages with these potential & existing clients.

Unlike promotional gifts that can be custom-made with your branding, the books, folders & kindles that I give out are generic and so not personalised.

This is where stickers come in.

They allow me to brand the materials & add messages that can help with long-term relationships with customers, from being a potential EOS, or the Entrepreneurial Operating System, client to reinforcing EOS messages with existing EOS clients.

I use transparent decals (with a white background) on things like the kindles & the folders. I have some that work on dark backgrounds, some that work on light backgrounds & some that are designed for clear surfaces.

I’ve even used them on my own laptop, kindle & remarkable to ‘own’ them & reinforce my branding.

I also have several sizes of paper stickers with different EOS messages on them so that they can be used in the front covers of many different books.

And finally, I have address labels that I attach to every parcel that I send out to my EOS clients & potential EOS clients.

The company I use to print all of these is StickerDot. (

What I love about them is the full range of sizes & types of stickers. You can design your own stickers or you can get their team to help you.

Either way, the result is a great opportunity to get your name, brand & message out there.

Some of my EOS clients use StickerDot for different reasons:

• Labels for product
• Address labels
Paper stickers
Vinyl stickers
Decal stickers

Just talk to the awesome team at StickerDot & they can make just about any label that you want!


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