Risk Mitigation For Your SaaS Business | LegalVision NZ

As your Software as a Service (SaaS) business grows, there are many avoidable traps you could fall into that may prove costly, stressful and distracting.

To help protect your business, Georgina Toomey (LegalVision General Practice Manager and Practice Group Leader) and Anna Parker (Frank Risk Management Senior Broker) discuss:

+ identifying key risks your SaaS business may face; + mitigating those risks via legal and insurance protections; + other pitfalls and common traps to avoid; and + the practical application of these risk mitigation strategies for your start-up

Georgina and Anna discuss the above using a case study centred around a well-established SaaS start-up, with proven growth and market success, and ongoing aggressive growth plans.

About Georgina Toomey Georgina is the General Manager for LegalVision New Zealand and a Practice Group Leader, specialising in corporate and commercial law. She has previously worked in top-tier firms in New Zealand, and acted for clients in a variety of industries.

About Anna Parker An award-winning broker, Anna combines her experience as a technical liability insurance specialist with her background as a former insurance litigation lawyer to understand complex insurance programs and provide a unique perspective.

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