Better Business, Better Life Podcast

What does better business, better life mean?

You’ve heard the saying happy wife, happy life. This not only applies to marriage but also to business leaders.

We go into business looking for more freedom, money and happiness. But before too long you find yourself working long hours, stressed, overwhelmed and feeling like your business has a grip on you.

From the outside things look good – you’ve got the car, house, wife, kids, bach and toys but how often do you get freedom to do what you truly love? And is your wife loving you or leaving you?

In this podcast, my guests & I focus on 6 key areas to help you take your already good business to great so that you can truly get what you want out of business & life.

These topics are:

  • Happy wife, Happy life
  • Better Business, Better Profit
  • Managing the People Issues
  • Reducing Stress & Overwhelm
  • Creating Freedom
  • Building a great business without sacrificing your Health

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