Better Business, Better Life – Issue 85

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As we head into another week, I take great pleasure in sharing my curated articles, tips & tools in a short read that will hopefully give you a few ‘aha’ moments as well as some laughter or joy. Most of all I hope it gives you pragmatic inspiration & helps you on your journey to doing what you love, with people you love, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately with time to pursue other passions – #TheEOSLife.

Here’s this week’s business tip, life hack & find of the week… Some of them are original, most are things I have come across in my weekly pursuit of self-improvement & living a better life, through creating a better business. And don’t forget the inspirational quote, which you can download as a wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.

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Finding Strength in Vulnerability

We often think that being vulnerable is being weak or uncertain, but from a business sense, being vulnerable can bring you immense power. Not only does it benefit the relationships with your employees as you connect with them on an emotional level, but it also strengthens your personal value – it helps you understand where your downfalls may be and how to apply them and apply them to your business structure.

Showing your vulnerability shows you are open, approachable, trustworthy, and genuine – it takes courage to express your weaknesses. It inspires those around you and helps build genuine connections. When employers and employees build trust, the workplace becomes a place with improved efficiency, productivity, and engagement. Richard Branson is a shining example of how being open about vulnerability has helped shape his innovation and creativity.

Learn more about being vulnerable and how to put it into practice every day here:


Handling grief during the holiday season.

As Christmas time approaches and the holiday cheer begins, it’s time we put aside to celebrate with family and friends. But it can also be an incredibly painful time as we remember the loved ones that are no longer with us. As I’m sure you are aware, I recently lost my father & less than 5 years ago, I lost my brother & my Mum.

While for Christmas this year, I am making time to slow down and appreciate the love I have surrounding me from Steve & my friends, it is also going to be a little difficult for me as I don’t have any close family remaining now. I truly am an orphan now & with my niece & sister-in-law over in the UK for the holidays, this will be my first Christmas without any blood family.

We all deal with grief differently, and we all express our emotions differently, so, please be cautious of those around you and be understanding of their feelings during this festive but painful time. Whether you are in a similar boat to me and the grieving process of a loved one, or you are in a support role, these two articles supply some fantastic insight and advice on navigating this time of grief.   


The Echo Chamber

With the summer days here to stay for a few months, it’s time to update the reading list and prepare for some well-deserved relaxation. One of my new favourite authors, John Boyne, is a must to add to your list. The Echo chamber is a witty, ironic, thought-provoking read. The book focuses on one family and their privileged lives as they navigate through a PC world. If you appreciate satire, you will enjoy this book.


Design your year before someone else does it for you! with Scott Rusnak

Scott Rusnak is an accomplished business owner. He is now a Certified EOS Implementer whose passion is helping business owners and burgeoning entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses so they can live the life they want. In this episode, Scott shares how he plans out his year to suit his life, how he uses the EOS People Analyser to decide which family and friends fit into his 5, 15, 150 model and how he uses the Delegate and Elevate tool to understand what he should spend his time doing. 

If it’s time for you to think about what next year brings, then why not use this podcast to start planning your life before someone does it for you! 

Listen to the full episode here:


“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

– Shannon L. Alder – Author


You can download this wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.


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Debra Chantry-Taylor

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