Better Business, Better Life – Issue 70

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As we head into another week, I take great pleasure in sharing my curated articles, tips & tools in a short read that will hopefully give you a few ‘aha’ moments as well as some laughter or joy. Most of all I hope it gives you pragmatic inspiration & helps you on your journey to doing what you love, with people you love, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately with time to pursue other passions – #TheEOSLife.

Here’s this week’s business tip, life hack & find of the week… Some of them are original, most are things I have come across in my weekly pursuit of self-improvement & living a better life, through creating a better business. And don’t forget the inspirational quote, which you can download as a wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.

As always, if you find great things that you’d like to share then feel free to email me for inclusion in one of my weekly newsletters. I’m always looking for new & exciting things to share each week. And if you think someone else would like to receive the newsletter in their inbox, directly from my inbox (no newsletter apps used here!) then please let me know –


Manage & maximise your energy!

In my talk to the Business Blueprint members this week, I spoke about Gino’s 10 disciplines for managing & maximising your energy as an entrepreneur.

EOS is all about harnessing the energy of your team but how do you ensure that you, as the leader of the business, manage & maximise your energy so that you get to live your best life.

I’m sure Gino does a much better job of presenting it than I did… he did write the book after all, so here is a report from someone who saw him give this keynote speech.


Dealing with grief whilst running a business

This story is so similar to mine. I was coming to Australia for a conference & my EOS Quarterly meeting & I was looking forward to seeing my family as a bonus.

And then I got the dreaded phone call that Dad had another fall & was in hospital.

And then 4 days later that they had done some scans & he had brain cancer.

We were in the middle of the West Coast of the South Island in a Motorhome, freedom camping with little to no mobile phone coverage & no way to get back to Auckland any quicker than we had already planned.

So we stopped out holiday & made sure we had 2-3 hours each day in an area that had mobile phone coverage so we could take calls, answer emails & re-arrange flights.

I managed to get a flight here 3 days earlier than planned & not a moment too soon. I got one day with my Dad, where he recognised me & I could speak to him & then he was figuratively speaking, gone.

Brain surgery is no longer an option & in a few days he will be gone from this world.

I am grateful I can be with him in these last days, even if I can’t communicate with him or hug him.

But what’s next???

I’ve been through this twice already in the last 5 years – first with my younger brother, then with my Mum & now with my Dad…. It struck me that I can’t be the only business owner that goes through this.

And whilst I could share my experiences, that would take time away from being with Dad, so I decided to google it & came across this excellent article.

Although I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone, it is inevitable, so I hope you find the article helpful – either now or in the future.

And this one is just 3 simple tips that I love:


Process MythBusters!

“As a Visionary, I am not naturally process-oriented – so it just won’t happen.”

“We are way too busy with unhappy customers and trying to fill key roles to take the time to document our processes!”

“I want my team to be free. I don’t want to turn them into a bunch of robots mindlessly following some script.” 

If your business is growing and you have entertained any of these thoughts, you are not alone.  And it’s precisely when we need to talk about process.

When a business begins to scale, stress fractures start to develop.

Despite working longer hours to keep all the plates spinning, you may find that you’re just dealing with more and more problems without much success –an experience that companies running on EOS call hitting the ceiling. What’s even worse is that the passion you originally had for your business begins to diminish as your Issues List items and To-Dos multiply. Your original vision for more freedom, more money, and more fun feels out of reach.

Ironically, when we bring up a proven approach to these issues, many of these same frustrated leaders resist the conversation. Instead, they nervously check their watches, start pacing, or let out a loud sigh. The great news is that once they engage in this topic, we see a lightbulb immediately turn on, and our leaders are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

These videos from EOS Worldwide, bust those process myths in true MythBuster style!


“Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out!” – Unknown

You can download this as a wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.

Here is the link to our public album of photos from our trip:


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Debra Chantry-Taylor

Certified EOS Implementer | Accredited Family Business Advisor |  Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Coach | Speaker & Workshop Facilitator