Better Business, Better Life – Issue 58

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As we head into another week, I take great pleasure in sharing my curated articles, tips & tools in a short read that will hopefully give you a few ‘aha’ moments as well as some laughter or joy. Most of all I hope it gives you pragmatic inspiration & helps you on your journey to doing what you love, with people you love, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately with time to pursue other passions – #TheEOSLife.

Here’s this week’s business tip, life hack & find of the week… Some of them are original, most are things I have come across in my weekly pursuit of self-improvement & living a better life, through creating a better business. And don’t forget the inspirational quote, which you can download as a wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.

As always, if you find great things that you’d like to share then feel free to email me for inclusion in one of my weekly newsletters. I’m always looking for new & exciting things to share each week. And if you think someone else would like to receive the newsletter in their inbox, directly from my inbox (no newsletter apps used here!) then please let me know –


Your company’s Vision in just 8 questions

Having a company vision is important, but having a clear, concise plan on how to get there is essential.

If you ask any founder or their leadership team, they’ll tell you that of course their company has a vision.

But while the vision does exist and is possibly documented somewhere, it may not be the focus for the leadership team in the day-to-day running of the business. Some might not even fully understand the vision or weren’t given the opportunity to contribute to it.

That’s why when you start EOS, after doing a full day of learning the foundational tools & how to implement them, we do two full days of Vision Building. This is where the entire leadership team craft a 2-page document together with their EOS Implementer, called the Vision/Traction Organiser (V/TO).

We ask 8 key questions to define your company’s mission & values:

  1. What are your Core Values?
  2. What is your Core Focus™?
  3. What is your 10-Year Target™?
  4. What is your marketing strategy?
  5. What is your 3-Year Picture™?
  6. What is your 1-Year Plan?
  7. What are your Rocks?
  8. What’s on your Issues List?

Every single person on the leadership team must agree on the answers to every one of those 8 questions. Otherwise, the team discusses for however long it takes for everyone to get on board.

After the Vision Building days, the team now have a detailed roadmap that will take them from where they are now, to where they want to be.

They just need to stick to the plan.

The article explains the 8 questions more in-depth:

PS: I have been hounding EOS worldwide to provide localised content so thrilled that they have launched a LinkedIn Company Page for New Zealand & Australia. And I get to help them put content up.

Please follow this page so that they will continue to put good, local content up & feel free to share your EOS stories with this page 🙂


Free of Alcohol, Full of Spirit!

As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, I’ve been taking alcohol-free wine to networking events.

It’s not just to make my personal trainer happy & hit my daily macro targets, it’s mainly because drinking alcohol during the week means I don’t get quality sleep, making me feel less than at my best.

I found this Australian company, Monday Distillery, that makes completely alcohol & sugar free versions of your favourite cocktails. They have so many options like gin & tonics, aperol spritz and palomas.

So when I came across them on Freasy, I decided to branch out and order myself some gin & tonics as well. I ordered 7 bottles of alcohol-free wine and the gin & tonics, but only 1 bottle of wine out of the 7 (and thankfully the G&Ts) made it to my door.

When I enquired asking what had happened, Freasy contacted me back first thing in the morning, letting me know that it was under investigation at the courier – meaning the couriers had probably damaged or broken them.

Freasy had popped another package (already!) on the courier for me and said it should be with me very soon. Accidents happen and it was most definitely not their fault, so I was just blown away by their incredible service & care towards their customers. If you’re on the lookout for alcohol-free options, I cannot recommend them enough! Order from:

You can find the Monday Distillery drinks here:


Have you done the Crystalliser Assessment?

This 8–10 minute assessment from Rocket Fuel is for you to discover your unique strength.

It could be that you’re fantastic at the macro level – the big picture stuff, the big ideas, relationships & culture. Or your strengths could lie in the details, such as operations, or managing teams & people.

You could enjoy and be great at all these things, but what is your absolute core strength? Namely, your God-given talent. What are you doing when you are in your zone of genius?

Identifying these strengths help you realise what things you need to let go & delegate – maybe not immediately, but definitely for your next hire. Teaming up with your complementary opposite will be the key ingredient your business needs to grow exponentially, both in profit & impact.

As a founder & business owner, you do everything – not only are you the CEO, but you also wear whatever hat your business needs.

I’ve worn both Visionary & Integrator hats and although I’m a great Integrator, it’s just not what I love to do. I can get bored & work harder than necessary because my unique strength lies elsewhere.

Speaking from personal experience, when you set up systems to allow you to work primarily – and eventually, only – in your zone of genius, you maximise the value you add to your business, enabling it to really blast off, like Rocket Fuel says.

If you haven’t done so already, take some time to go through this quiz – it gives you a detailed result report that my clients & I have found very valuable.

You can send your results to me if you’d like and we can go through them together. I’m happy to provide any further insights & discuss how you can use this information in your business.

Message me on LinkedIn, email me at or you can book in a time with me here:

Take the quiz now, here:


“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”  ― Rosalynn Carter

You can download this wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.


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Debra Chantry-Taylor

Certified EOS Implementer | Accredited Family Business Advisor |  Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Coach | Speaker & Workshop Facilitator