Better Business, Better Life – Issue 105

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As we head into another week, I take great pleasure in sharing my curated articles, tips & tools in a short read that will hopefully give you a few ‘aha’ moments as well as some laughter or joy. Most of all I hope it gives you pragmatic inspiration & helps you on your journey to doing what you love, with people you love, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately with time to pursue other passions – #TheEOSLife.

Here’s this week’s business tip, life hack & find of the week… Some of them are original, most are things I have come across in my weekly pursuit of self-improvement & living a better life, through creating a better business. And don’t forget the inspirational quote, which you can download as a wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.

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Are you a Leader or Manager who makes sure your staff take leave but struggles to take a break yourself?

EOS uses the term CLARITY BREAK for a good reason. Taking time out to reflect on the business and our relationship with it doesn’t happen if we keep checking phones and emails and are constantly reacting to the demands of the business.

“The power of Clarity Breaks for entrepreneurial leaders cannot be overstated… It might seem counterintuitive, but setting aside time for quiet contemplation and deep thinking requires intention and planning. In our fast-paced lives, we often lack the time and space to truly think and reflect.”

You can reflect on the big picture more if your mind and body are rested and refreshed. To enable this to happen, a change of environment and disciplines, such as restricting technology, can help too.

In the same way that we should allow our children to be bored sometimes so that they can create their own fun, once you are ‘offline’, you may find your creative and fun side coming out to play!

Read the full article in the link below.



RUMMIKUB yourself 

When did you last play a game that wasn’t on a device?   

When we were away, knowing that we would likely be offline most of the time, we took lots of things to do – Scrabble, the perennial favourite and my favourite game Rummikkub.   

Once we had played a few times, we found ourselves in a totally different state of mind. I am an active relaxer, so even when relaxing, I enjoy ‘doing things’ just for fun. But Rummmikub is a healthy challenge for your brain too.   

“Many classic games like chess, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, and Pictionary challenge creative and analytical thought processes, giving both sides of the brain something to do. Even the simple act of learning the rules and playing a new game can help your mind grow stronger.” 



Relentless as F@ck? 

Thanks to ANZAC Day being on Tuesday this year, we took a long weekend break like many of you.

After a stressful first part of the year, hubby and I took ourselves off to Taupo for some time away from everything…. except my Kindle on which I had this FANTASTIC book: ‘Relentless AF’, by Chris Jones.

If you have been to the brink – in either your personal or professional life, this book is a must-read.

It’s highly entertaining but also an inspiring story. I read about how Chris Jones’ business goes from success to failure overnight and the journey he takes to come back from that.

I found myself reflecting on how I approach things in both my work and personal life and came away with a clearer view, able to set some new goals. So, I can say that our break was definitely a Clarity Break!


Say YES to saying NO 

Scott Rusnak is an EOS Implementer and Business Coach. He speaks with Debra about how you can use the EOS tools to ensure that you make the right choices in your life, professionally and personally.

He talks about using the People analyser to check if you are spending time with people with similar values and that we may need to say NO along the way to people and activities that we don’t love or don’t fit into our VTO (Vision).

Scott suggests taking Clarity Breaks is a good way of taking time in your day, week and each year to evaluate your current direction and ensure you are living your best life. Those breaks help us to make decisions… to say NO with clarity.

Listen to the full episode here:



“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”  

– Lily Tomlin 


You can download this wallpaper or lock screen for your phone.


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Debra Chantry-Taylor

Certified EOS Implementer | Accredited Family Business Advisor |  Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Coach | Speaker & Workshop Facilitator