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Debra (Business Coach - Icehouse) & Aaron (Chef - MKR)I am really rather privileged to work with some Kiwi celebrities…. Through my work with Kiwi owned businesses at The Icehouse.

Business Coaching at The Icehouse

One of these is Aaron, one half of the MKR Josh & Aaron (Corporate Dads) team. W’ve also had Josh along to a couple of our meetings, but most of our business coaching work is done with Aaron & his beautiful wife, Jacinta. Today I caught up with them for the first time since he took on the challenge of competing in MKR (My Kitchen Rules).

Aarons’ primary business is www.vitamenz, however at the moment he is starring in MKR New Zealand as one half of the Josh & Aaron show:

MKR - Josh & Aaron


If they win the people’s choice award then they are going to donate their full $20,000 of Countdown vouchers to the Ronald MacDonald House.

Please help us to support them – see Aaron’s message below…

written by Debra Chantry, Business Coach | Principal

Message from Aaron & Josh

Hi Friends, Family and Colleagues!!

Not sure you will get this on a Sunday – but a lot of you do have smart phones so here goes.

As many of you know I am on that little TV Show called “My Kitchen Rules” (MKR)  with a good mate Josh. Part of the show that has recently been introduced is essentially a popularity contest at

This is where the viewers at home can vote for  the “Viewer’s Choice” every time an episode is on TV – that is critical, it is only open when the show is on TV (Sun, Tues, Wed at 7.30 – 8.30 on TV 1)

Countdown will, at the end of the competition give the winning team of the “Viewer’s Choice $20,000. Josh and I, if we win will donate the ENTIRE amount to Ronald McDonald House. We are the only team that have indicated we will donate all of the prize.

That $20,000 will be an entire YEARS budget for RMH – they have kitchens that need to be stocked with basic needs. That $20,000 according to Claire Cooper one of the executive team at RMH will be HUGE for them.

When Josh and I cooked for the team at RMH, seen last week, it humbled us to our core. To have the privilege of having our own healthy kids blew us away. Now we want to give something back.

PLEASE PLEASE vote for Team Josh and Aaron tonight and every night the show is on TV – I repeat you can only vote when the show is on TV.  With your help we can win this and give an amazing prize to a team that I am in awe of.

Please share, please vote Via your PC then turn off the wireless and use your phones!! We are way behind in votes and we need to win this!!! DON’T FORGET!!! It doesn’t cost a cent!!!

Tell your friends, tell you relatives heck tell the pool man and lawn mower kid if you have them – forward this email. Make a difference!!

Mucho Respect if you all do – EVERYNIGHT THE SHOW IS ON!!!! VOTE

I am going to hound you!!!

Vote tonight and every night at



Aaron and Josh

Aaron - MKR - Business Coaching through The Icehouse

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