Lessons Learnt from 100k

Stanley Henry Your Attention Please

Stan’s Note:

We hit 100,000 Followers on TikTok in 110 days

And this is how we did it.

It wasn’t by luck.

It wasn’t a fluke.

It wasn’t paid.

It was a sound strategy and consistency.

The strategy was this.

1. Define our reason why we wanted an audience and who they were. Our reason was for recruitment, so we wanted young creatives.

2. Decide on some core content pillars. Ours was mostly revolved around humour and day in the life of an agency.

3. Develop character profiles. Elevate already existing characteristics in the team to the extreme for comedic effect and storytelling.

4. Develop storylines and recurring motifs.

5. Start off with a bang. We put out about 100 videos in the first 2 months until we had enough data to know what our audience wanted.

6. Refine the content to align with what we have learnt.

7. Be 100% present in the community, reply to comments, engage fully and include the community in video replies.

8. Stay consistent.

And that is it.

It’s actually really simple but takes a lot of work.

The best thing about this experience is we built a robust process along the way so we can do it for all our clients now.

Come have a coffee and let’s talk your short-form video startegy.


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We’ve had a brilliant lot of guests over the past few weeks that we’re really excited to share with you guys.

Our Instagram is up and running. If you’d like to follow along there’ll be regular updates as the podcasts come up and some behind the scenes shots.

Last Friday we released our episode with John Maybury. It was awesome having him on the show for some good laughs, wild stories and even more valuable lessons.

If you’re interested in featuring the podcast, feel free to get in touch with Sian over LinkedIn and we’ll set something up!

Watch here!

Watch this SPACE!

We’re working on some exciting projects internally with some awesome people and you can expect it in the next few weeks!

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