I hire every 9 days.

1 hire every 9 days.
That’s the target.
That number is stupid.
It doesn’t really make sense in my head.
How are we going to pay for all these people?
How are we going to fit them in the office?
How long will the wait for microwaves be at lunch?
But if we want to achieve our goals this year.
Then we have to think this way.
It requires us to have an always-on active recruitment drive.
For a small company, this is nerve-racking.
What am I most proud of with this number?
My team were the ones who decided it.
They are the ones pushing me.
If you know me,
You know I’m ambitious.
And somehow, I’ve managed to build a culture of people more ambitious than I am.
Usually, employees want to maintain the status quo.
Not my team.
They want global domination.
So, F%$K IT.
Let’s go.
Stanley Henry | Managing Director

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