I am looking for a steady rock to help me realise my Vision of helping Entrepreneurs live better!

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We’re hiring… Danger Mouse is seeking Penfold!

So, maybe not Penfold because he was a bit of a clutz & I’m probably not much of a Danger Mouse either, as there’s very little secret squirrel about me, but I hope you get the gist.

It could be Batman looking for their Robin, Walt looking for their Roy Disney, Zuckerberg looking for their Sheryl.

Maybe it’s Oprah looking for her Gayle King.

Whatever analogy I use – I am looking for my right-hand person. The person who will work alongside my Entrepreneurial & Visionary ways & harness that energy to create better lives for Entrepreneurs, through building a sustainable business & the EOS life for both us & our clients.

I’m not sure what the title of this role is & if titles are important to you then I’m pretty sure you are not my person.

My passion is helping Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managing Partners, Managing Directors & their Leadership Teams to live a better life, through creating a better business.

Life is too short & so I help people get what they want out of their business & their life, using the EOS Model & Proven Process based on the EOS Life Principles:

If you worked with me, THIS is what you would have done last month

  • Helped several high performing, established privately-owned businesses & their leadership teams to have a great EOS experience through making their day & keeping them engaged
  • Started work early a couple of mornings to get things ready for clients
  • Worked from our office in Newmarket & from your own home office
  • Answered client emails & helped them with their ‘homework’
  • Sent out a few invoices or had the book-keeper do it for you
  • Created some unique content & posted it onto social media, google my business & our various websites
  • Planned & executed some small workshops & events / online webinars in our workshop space & followed up with attendees
  • Made tea, coffee & stocked the beer & wines fridges, at least once
  • Worked late or after-hours a few times to meet deadlines
  • Had a good laugh every day at the expense of one of us
  • Managed a nightmare diary & told me off for breaking my own rules
  • Sifted through all my emails so that I don’t get distracted -PS: If you can do this then you are a legend
  • Taken time off to pursue the other things you are passionate about
  • Taught yourself some new skills and had a few wines or kombuchas on a Friday (or any other day)!

Please DO APPLY if:

  • You are TRULY passionate about making a difference
  • You are outcomes, not hours focused
  • You take initiative & can self-manage
  • You are passionate about systems, processes & detail (& you won’t get too freaked out by someone who can switch from not caring about the details to being anal in a heartbeat!)
  • You don’t mind a little bit of confrontation – we call it being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • You love to come up with better ways of doing things
  • You like to celebrate your successes & others
  • You can think outside of the box & challenge my thinking & crazy ideas
  • You want to work in a small, fun environment with great people
  • You don’t mind working in a small team & sometimes alone
  • You know you’re good at what you do but are also open to new ways
  • You love dogs!

Please DO NOT apply if:

  • You’re only interested in picking up a paycheque
  • You can’t deal with larger than life personalities & open & honest conversations
  • You get easily offended with people that are direct & high-paced
  • You can’t get yourself to Newmarket at any hour of the day
  • You want to be just another employee and not a TEAM member

Why YOU would want to work for us

  • We have awesome, award-winning clients
  • We do great work & genuinely make a significant difference in peoples lives
  • We are values-driven – they’re not on our wall, they are in everything we do!
  • We think outside the box
  • We are very entrepreneurial
  • We have a great place to work that we share with other great companies
  • We have fun
  • You would have the opportunity to make the role what you wanted of it

The following experience is PREFERABLE but not essential:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (and using MACs)
  • Familiar with tools such as Calendly, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Quotient, Xero
  • Professional note-taking & documentation
  • Demonstrated experience running a professional schedule
  • Event management and coordination
  • Marketing and branding
  • Social media & web presence management (LinkedIn & WordPress & Google my business primarily)

This position will start as 2-3 days per week but may increase to a full-time role. It may also increase to a more senior role, being responsible for a junior in the business. The role is based in Newmarket, however, some work can also be done from home if it suits.

The role can be done as an employee or a contractor, provided you have other income as a contractor. You could either be looking to grow this into a full-time role or growing into a different type of role that remains part-time, whilst handing off tasks to a junior.

We will pay the market rate for a good Executive Assistant, pro-rated to suit the role. There’s an office, car park & all the tools required for the role.

If you are interested, then please message me & I will send you the full job description.

There is no absolute timeframe around when the role will start – it’s all about finding the right person & making sure it works for both of us. So, even if you’re not available right now, but you love what you have read, then please, let’s talk!

The process will be:

  1. Send your cover letter & CV once you have read the job description & are a ‘Hell Yes!’ (although in all honesty, I’m not really one for CVs)
  2. Have a zoom call & see if there’s a general values fit
  3. I’ll set you a few small tasks, to see how you work
  4. We’ll tee up a final ‘interview or chat
  5. We’ll discuss when you’d like to start, how you’d like to be remunerated etc.
  6. I’ll send you a formal offer
  7. You’ll come join the madhouse!

Debra Chantry-Taylor

Professional EOS Implementer | Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Coach | Business Owner

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