Helping Wendyl Nissen get through the ‘Poo’

Today Wendyl Nissen from Wendyl’s (one of our favourite clients) launched a new product… And I got to feature in her blog / newsletter…I think I’m ok with being the ‘Poo’ lady 🙂 Debra Chantry – Business Coach Read the full article, in situ here – I am so excited to announce the launch of our wonderful new product called Lou-Ease. It’s a little bottle of essential oils which you drop into the toilet bowl before going to the loo to get rid of odours. As we say on the bottle it “takes care of your business”. At first Daniel and I were a bit reluctant to create this product when our wonderful mentor Debra Chantry came up with the idea six months ago. We listened to her politely as she outlined the reasons why we should create it: 1) Women are apparently self-conscious about going to the toilet at the office or at a friend’s house and stinking it out. 2) Men aren’t self-conscious about it and women who live with them find the smell drives them mad! Daniel and I drove away from Debra’s office and agreed that we didn’t think Wendyl’s should have anything to do with poo. Then we laughed our heads off and forgot all about it. Debra brought it up again and again and each time we claimed we were too busy, too distracted, too anything we could think of to start experimenting. Then at our meeting last month Debra did something no one should ever do to me. She challenged me to create it before Christmas as it would make a great stocking filler for our customers and it was about time Wendyl’s had a bit of fun. “It’s a fun way to end the year. Just do it,” she said smiling sweetly. So I found myself that weekend getting out my essential oils and dabbling. Before I knew it I had blended together peppermint, eucalyptus and bergamot and the job was done – so to speak. Paul came up with the name after we considered other suggestions such as Poo-fume and Eau de Toilet. And he even created a little poem you can put in your toilet if you like: Please, please, If it’s not just wees, Make life a breeze, And use Loo-Ease! As you can see, we have been having quite a lot of fun and the best part is that it really does work. It comes in a small, discreet 5ml bottle so that it can happily live in a purse, be taken to the toilet in the palm of your hand, or left on top of the toilet cistern. And at just $25 it’s a great price for making life a breeze, or making someone laugh on Christmas morning. We’ve already had heaps of orders from friends and family who have all been very enthusiastic and Daniel (reluctantly) and I have had to come to terms with the fact that Wendyl’s does indeed have something to do with poo! And I’m very grateful that with a family business decisions can be made quickly and something which was just an idea last week is now on sale. Thanks to Daniel and Sam who worked hard to get the labels, bottles and ingredients ready in time. To buy now click here and join in the Christmas fun.    

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