Gigabit Town Judging

Last week I was I was asked to judge the videos for the Gigabit town competition on behalf of The Icehouse. (Where I’s a Business Coach & Executive in Residence)

What is Gigatown?

Its a competition run by Chorus where businesses and towns compete to become a ‘Gigatown’.

To quote their website (

Gigatown can be the most connected, gig-savvy town in the Southern hemisphere with access to a one gigabit per second (1Gbps) internet connection.

How do we decide who gets to be Gigatown? Actually, we don’t decide – you do.

We’re looking for the town that wants it the most. There are two ways we’ll be measuring that drive, enthusiasm and determination to be Gigatown:

1. by listening out for the town with the loudest voice on social media; and

2. by tallying up the supporters for each
town signing up on this website.

The  final entries were selected & then passed to us for final judging.

It was a great experience – I learnt a lot about some of our fantastic New Zealand Businesses bur also a lot about some of our more rural towns.

I can’t tell you who our favourites were…. but watch this space.


Written by Debra Chantry – Business Coach | Principal



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