Changes to EOS worldwide & Business Traction

EOS worldwide, owners of EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) have recently gone through some significant changes. They have moved to a Franchise / Licence model & with this have also gone through a major rebrand, introducing new materials to support their Licensees.

I am proud to say that last week I signed my Licence agreement & was the first EOS Implementer in the APAC region to become a Licensee.

This means that I now have the full support of EOS worldwide, along with the new EOS brand & the new tools that they are launching.

EOS Worldwide are working on a new EOS software tool, for companies running on EOS, the Rocketfuel University, for Visionaries & Integrators, & whole raft of other new tools – all with a much more professional look & feel, making them easier to use & helping you to master EOS in your teams.

There are only 2 professional EOS Implementers in New Zealand at present – although we’d love to see more!

Being a professional EOS Implementer means we have been through the full training, we must attend regular quarterly & weekly meetings, we have an EOS coach to guide us & are monitored to ensure we uphold the EOS quality when implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System with our clients.

We work with companies to help them implement the EOS Model & EOS Tools, using the proven EOS Process. We also work with self-implementers of the system to ensure that they get the most value out of it.

Yesterday EOS also launched my new Microsite –

I chose the elephant image as it’s my speciality – working with established professional services companies & family run businesses to uncover the elephants in the room, have the tough conversations & ensure that we get to Vision, Traction & Healthy.

What does Vision, Traction, Healthy mean in EOS?

VISION – Getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there.

TRACTION® – Instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision—every day.

HEALTHY – Helping your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team.

To find out more, visit my Microsite –

So, as an established & professional trained Business Coach & Entrepreneurial Leadership Coach, why did I choose to go with EOS?

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs live a Better Life through Creating a Better Business. It’s why I chose EOS 18 months ago & became one of only two Professional EOS Implementers in New Zealand.

It’s also why I have now signed the new licence agreement. 

EOS exists to help people get what they want from their business.

Our core values are:

Humbly Confident – We despise arrogance, and yet we know our stuff. We are vulnerable and know we aren’t perfect. We don’t put down the competition. We aren’t flashy. We just get the job done. 

Grow or Die - We are more uncomfortable with the status quo than the prospect of change. We are “maximizers” and take everything from strong to superb. We are learners and are obsessed with getting better each day. 

Help First - We must provide value before we receive anything. We believe that we will get what we want if we help enough people get what they want. We genuinely get a high from helping people. 

Do the Right Thing - We enter the danger even when it makes us uncomfortable. No amount of money is worth betraying trust or violating these core values. We live in integrity. We are open and honest truth-tellers. 

Do What We Say - We show up on time and fully deliver. It’s OK to say “no.” We take 100% responsibility for our actions and blame no one. We always finish what we start. 

This core focus & core values are what first attracted me to EOS & I am pleased to now have cemented my relationship even further so that I can continue to help people live their best life! 

I will continue to work with businesses, helping them to implement EOS, as a Professional EOS Implementer, nationwide in New Zealand & also in Australia, using EOS as my preferred system & framework of choice.

I believe that my experience of running & leading businesses for 25+ years, my academic & leadership qualifications & my natural curiosity make me quite unique in being able to help people get what they want out of business & life.

What does it mean for Business Traction?

It means that I will no longer be using the Business Traction brand. This was a brand that I adopted when I first signed up to use EOS & they allowed me to use the term Traction in my company brand.

However, as ‘Traction’ is a brand that is licenced to EOS & they are bringing everything back into the ONE EOS brand, I won’t be using it going forward.

Instead, as  a licensee, I will be given an EOS worldwide email address & website & everything I produce will be purely EOS branded. Business Traction will disappear. This will take up to 3 months to be completely transitioned.

I still have my other businesses – Ventell / Business Action & The Common / Workshop Space & there will be no changes to them. I will also continue to use my personal brand – (or if you don’t want to type in such a long name!)

Better Business, Better Life is not only about EOS but it is an important part of my business so wanted to share this news with you.

Debra Chantry-Taylor

Professional EOS Implementer | Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Coach | Business Owner

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