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What the heck is EOS? | Get a Grip with Traction

Are you ready to get a grip on your business, gain Traction & get what you want out of business & life? Learn about the EOS Model & how to use the EOS Tools to strengthen your business. This is not a sales pitch – we genuinely share with you all the EOS Foundational Tools & how to use them with our value of ‘Help First’. Click on a date to register, scroll down the page or click the LEARN MORE button below to find out more about our online EOS Traction events in New Zealand & Australia.

What the heck is EOS? | An introduction to getting a grip on your business with Traction | EOS Workshops - Description

Are you ready to get a grip on your business, gain Traction & get what you want out of business & life?

Which of these common issues have you been struggling with?

– LACK OF CONTROL: Never enough time! Is the business running you?

– PEOPLE ISSUES: Frustrated by lack of accountability and follow-through?

– PROFIT: Not enough of it! Left on the table or slipping through the cracks?

– GROWTH: Hit a ceiling? You’ve tried everything with no tangible results.

Even with your best efforts, do you feel that your business has the potential to achieve more?

This expert-led workshop arms you with simple, practical tools to target root problems and set your entire team up for success. Learn the 6 keys to Business Success.

Debra Chantry-Taylor and Jeni Clift, both Professional EOS Implementers, will introduce you to the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ that has transformed over 130,000 businesses globally. It drives you to clarify, simplify and achieve your vision.

It will uncover fundamental issues limiting you from gaining complete control of your time and your business.

Every business has six key components: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction. You can gain all that you want from your business through strengthening these core areas.

EOS tools learned in the workshop help you solve your biggest frustrations while aligning on your vision, gaining traction, and becoming healthier as a leadership team.

If your business needs traction, join us to find our what the heck is EOS & learn how to get a grip on your business with Traction.

All registered workshop attendees will receive a hard cover copy of the book Traction (bestselling book detailing the Entrepreneurial Operating System™)

Registration also includes:
Interactive 90-minute online workshop
An action plan
A practical workbook
A copy of ‘Traction’, a bestselling book detailing the Entrepreneurial Operating System™
Resources valued at $100.

Attendance Prerequisites:
Established business owners with up to 250 staff
Has a leadership team who are growth-oriented, open-minded and seeking help
Or you work with these type of clients
For further questions regarding this workshop, contact Jen at

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