Business Leadership Coaching And Why You Need It

What is a business leadership coach & more importantly what does a business leadership coach look like in NZ (New Zealand)?

I’ve written about this before but I’d like to take some more time to explain the difference between a business coach & an EOS Implementer (or business leadership coach as we’re known as, over here in NZ).

A business coach generally works with the business owner one on one to help them to come up with a better plan, to challenge their thinking / act as a sounding board & equip them with the tools to execute.

This can work well in a small business but when you have a team around you, you want everyone to fight for the greater good & work together to achieve the Vision.

And that’s where an EOS Implementer or business leadership coach comes in.

We work with the entire leadership team to teach them a set of simple tools & frameworks, called The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

We believe that working with the entire team creates a stronger business than if we work just with the business owner.

It helps the team to establish a shared vision, getting everyone in your business 100% on the same page with where you’re going & how you plan to get there.

It helps you gain Traction by instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision, every single day.

And finally, we get you healthy, by working with your leaders to help them become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team. A leadership team that’s not afraid to have the difficult conversations, who fight for the greater good & have some fun doing it.

Bottom line is we are here to help you put simple systems & structure into your business (but not too much so that it takes away from your entrepreneurialism!) so that you can get what you want from your business & your life… Live your ideal life!

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, like you’ve hit the ceiling, you’ve tried everything & nothing is working, you’ve got people issues or just not enough profit in the business, or not enough time to do anything other than work, then you might want to chat to us about how we can help.

As business leadership coaches, we help you to live your ideal life through doing what you love, with people you love, be making a huge difference in the world, being compensated appropriately & with time to pursue other passions. That’s not just for you but for all of your team.

We do all of this through using a proven process that has been used by over 100,000 businesses around the world. And we guarantee value – if you don’t see value you don’t pay for the session.

If you’d like to find out more – please visit –

Written by Debra Chantry-Taylor – Founder of Business Action, EOS Worldwide Licencee | EOS Implementer | Accredited Family Business Advisor

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