Business Leadership And What It Can Do For You

I am a qualified business leadership coach in NZ. What I mean by that is I have not only got experience working as both a business coach & a leadership coach, I have also studied both of these to gain qualifications/accreditations.

The reason being is that coaching is a definite skill. It’s very different to being a mentor, where you are offering advice based on your experiences.

Understanding Business Leadership Coaching

Business coaching & leadership coaching are about using your experiences to ask the right questions to help the client come up with their own answers.

Just like a good rugby or sports coach, we’re observing from the side-line & so, in effect, are independent & we can offer constructive feedback for improvement. We also motivate, inspire & teach our ‘players’, being the entrepreneurial business owners. We use our toolkit of models, tools & templates to help business owners & leaders to improve their skills. So, very much like a sports coach.

And this requires specific skills & training to get the best from people. Not anyone can be an effective business or leadership coach. So what’s the difference between a business leadership coach and a business coach or a leadership coach?

This is how I see it…

A Business Coach generally works with the Business owner in a one-on-one environment to help them set goals & plans for the business. We will hold the business owner accountable for their plan & agreed on actions & teach them tools to overcome the challenges that they may face. As I said, we’re also their cheerleader & sounding board. This work is done around the business but may include some personal & mindset coaching too.

A leadership coach, on the other hand, works with individuals to develop their own talents & competencies so that they can work better with others. There is a range of skills that are taught & competencies that are worked on, such as communication skills, leadership styles, teamwork, mindset & business coaching.

A business leadership coach is what I consider myself to be, or in my terminology, I am an EOS Implementer. That means that I am a Coach, a Teacher & a Facilitator.

Working Towards Success 

I work with the entrepreneurial business owner & their leadership teams to help them get better at 3 things:

Vision – Getting everyone 100% on the same page with where you are going & how you will get there

Traction – Bringing discipline & accountability into the company to help take the vision down to the ground & make it real by being great at execution

Healthy – Creating an environment where everyone genuinely enjoys working together & fights for the greater good

I will help you Clarify, Simplify & Achieve your Vision.

I use the EOS framework (The Entrepreneurial Operating System) & its proven process to help you do this. This system is used by over 170,000 businesses around the world & best of all, my work is guaranteed.

Plus, I have years of business experience, formal qualifications & business coach & leadership coach accreditations, along with being an accredited family business advisor, to add to the mix.

So don’t settle for just a business coach or just a leadership coach. Why not get the best of all worlds and work with me as an EOS Implementer?

If in working through this process, we recognise that you or one of your team needs some individual help, then we have a network of trusted partners & we can help match you or them with a trusted Business Leadership Coach in NZ to work with to supplement the EOS coaching.

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