Business Coaching Services


We have a proven process for working with clients that ensure that they get results.

You commit step by step & can stop at any stage in the process. Most clients will complete this 4 month programme & then move onto a monthly coaching session.

The first part of the process is with Debra & then we choose the most appropriate coach or coaches for you to work with on your journey.

We typically work with clients from 3 months – 12 months, depending on their needs, following the process outlined below:

  • What are your goals?
  • Where are you stuck?
  • Can we add value?


  • Vision & Goal definition
  • Issues & Opportunities
  • High-level Strategies

$600 +gst

  • Mindset Mastery
  • Strategies for Resilience
  • Overcoming Obstacles

$1,200 +gst

  • Current Situation & SWOT
  • Opportunity Prioritisation
  • High-level Business Plan

$3,600 +gst

  • Review of Actions
  • Coaching
  • Set up new Actions

$1,500 +gst per month


As an Owner / Manager or CEO of a business, it can get really lonely…

You face tough challenges every day & you’re often unable to share these with your team members.

Add to this the additional pressures of shareholders, being caught up in the day to day operations of the business (aka fighting fires) & the constant struggle of balancing your professional life with your personal life…

It’s no wonder that many businesses do not get to realise their full strategic potential.

Business Coaching can help!

Having a Business coach / mentor can help you raise the bar for yourself & your business. It will challenge you to go further, set new goals and achieve better results.

It’s all about business and personal growth!


Having a business coach will challenge you to go further, set new goals and achieve better results through:

  • Independent, impartial advice;
  • Peace of mind, increased confidence, a fresh perspective, inspiration or simply a sounding board to bounce ideas off for growing your business;
  • An empathetic person to listen to the challenges and difficulties you face – sometimes this alone is all that’s needed to identify strategies and opportunities for growth;
  • Receiving honest, constructive feedback, as well as on-going support & encouragement… Building confidence;
  • Expanding your knowledge of leadership skills, management practices & building effective cultures;
  • Introducing KPIs and systems into your business & being held accountable;
  • Assisting to implement improvements, support which is not often available after attending a business course or workshop;
  • Providing an increased professional network & access to inside information;
  • Access to proven frameworks, templates & software to develop & implement strategic business plans & measure KPIs.


Business Coaching is a usually undertaken as a series of steps. The first step is an intensive planning stage, to get you thinking about & working on your business. From here, we go into regular business coaching meetings & reviews.

Depending on where your business is at, we can customise our business coaching to suit your needs. You also have a choice of Business Coach.

All fees have ‘no hidden costs’ & cover the cost of preparation, meetings, access to tools / templates, software for business coaching & business planning, networks & follow up / admin.

Meetings are conducted at The Ventell offices in Newmarket, or via Zoom unless otherwise agreed. This is to get you out of your normal, everyday environment to work ON the business & ON yourself.

NOTE: NFP organisations receive a 20% discount off all fees on an on-going basis & Start-up businesses (< 2 staff) receive a 25% discount for the first 3 months of services.