4 Practical Uses for Apps to Save Business Owners Time and Stress

Written by Tina Martin

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Apps. You use them to track your sleep, shop for your essentials, stay on top of your fitness goals, and much, much more. As much as you may rely on apps in your personal life, did you know that using apps at work could give you more time to enjoy the thing you love?

While you can’t travel back in time, you can make the most of the time spent running your business by simply using apps. Wondering which are worth downloading? Then you need this handy app guide from professional EOS implementer Debra Chantry-Taylor.

Inventory Management-There’s an App for That!

If you run a warehouse or even a business that sells goods, you need to be able to effectively manage your inventory. Too much inventory can equal too many costs for your small business; on the other hand, too little can result in disappointed customers.

You could spend countless hours having staff perform manual counts and reporting, but why waste time and energy when popular companies like QuickBooks offer apps that make enterprise resource planning for wholesale distro and other inventory processes efficient, simple, and quick. This sort of inventory management software and app seamlessly connects to storefronts like Shopify and Amazon, so your inventory will always meet customer demand.

There Are Also Apps to Streamline Your Shipping

Speaking of your inventory, it can also take time to pack and ship those packages out after customers place their orders. But guess what? There are also quite a few apps to save you time, guesswork, and effort when it comes to shipping. Many allow you to choose from different couriers so you always get the best rates and fastest delivery times.

If you are shipping or mailing parcels within the States, you may also be interested in remote postage apps that can save you the time it takes to get to USPS offices. Although Stamps.com gets the most press, you may find that another option is a better fit for your needs. An added bonus of Stamps.com is that it is made to integrate with inventory software like QuickBooks.

Of Course, You Can Use Apps to Manage a Team

Apps can also be used to track and manage team projects, rather than you having to send out countless emails or schedule endless meetings. Project and team management apps proved especially helpful for businesses that transitioned their teams to remote work, whether to save costs or comply with pandemic limitations and guidelines.

If your team incurs expenses while working on projects, there are also quality apps designed to take the headache out of keeping up with them. QuickBooks is at the top of the list for these sorts of apps too, and their expense tracking apps should match up well with other offerings.

Finally, Apps Can Help Maximize Your Productivity

When it comes to your daily schedule, the only way to squeeze more time out of it is to maximize your productivity levels. Yes, as you may have already guessed, you can also find plenty of apps that will boost your productivity and you can encourage staff to use them too.

Some of the most popular apps for productivity also include those that implement the Pomodoro technique. This trend is growing in use and involves focusing on a single task for a set amount of time, and then taking breaks after these blocks of time. So, in actuality, Pomodoro apps can be used to enhance your productivity and practice some extra self-care during the workday.

You use apps to make your personal life healthier, easier, and more rewarding. Apply that same principle to your professional life and start using apps to make the most of the time you spend running your business. Then not only will you enjoy more success but you will also have more work-life balance and therefore, more time to truly enjoy what matters most in life.

Are you ready to get what you really want out of your business? The answers are more simple than you think when you work with professional EOS implementer Debra Chantry-Taylor.

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