Better Business, Better Life – Issue 122

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I hope you all had a wonderful Matariki holiday.

I was travelling back from Melbourne for most of the day, which gave me a chance to write this newsletter. I’m taking some time out with Steve & the fur babies before I head back to Melbourne & Sydney on Monday.

I am exploring ‘Entering the Danger’ for the Greater Good this week.

It’s part of our mantra as EOS Implementers to help our clients enter danger and have them all fight for the greater good of the company. 

Because we want them all to be living the EOS life. 

As Patrick Lencioni says, “Entering the Danger is about fearlessly wading into awkward issues when every fibre of your being wants to change the subject or let the moment pass.” 

As EOS Implementers, we take a risk and walk into potential conflict. We are fanatical about resolution and comfortable with conflict. It’s part of our core values. 

Healthy and Constructive Conflict is what we are aiming for. Not conflict avoidance and not destructive conflict.  

We had an awesome deep dive on this at our last EOS Quarterly with Sam Keats, and since then, I have gone into every client session expecting to get sacked. 

I have realised that the more I encourage the leadership teams to enter the danger, the greater the results we get and the more enjoyable the sessions are.

Patrick Lencioni describes it like this… 

“The key to finding the courage to enter the danger is embracing this concept: a consultant’s priority is to help a client, not to keep their business. Every time you enter the danger, you are running the risk that they will say, “Hey, you shouldn’t go there. I think we need to find a new consultant.” Ironically, based on my experience, nine out of ten times they will say, “Hey, no one else has ever gone there with us like that. We need to keep you around.” That is the surprising and counter-cultural impact of entering the danger.” 

But that’s enough theory – what does this mean in real life? 

As a business owner, you’re no stranger to tough decisions. However, one of the most challenging yet essential actions you can take is to “enter the danger.” This means confronting difficult issues head-on for the greater good of your company. 

This means that we don’t want artificial harmony, but we also don’t want mean-spirited personal attacks.  


Entering The Danger For The Greater Good


Why Entering the Danger Matters 

  • Unresolved Issues Fester: Ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away. Instead, they grow and affect your team’s morale, productivity, and the overall health of your business. 
  • Builds Trust: Addressing issues openly demonstrates transparency and commitment to your team. This builds trust and encourages a culture of honesty. 
  • Drives Progress: Confronting challenging situations can lead to breakthroughs and innovative solutions that propel your business forward.

So, when I see an eye roll or someone on the leadership team actively avoiding something or lashing out, I encourage them to explore what’s going on for them, address what they really think, and share it with the team. 

I encourage the team to listen to what is being said and offer their own views or challenge what they are hearing. 

Or to bring to someone’s attention something they may not be aware of. 

You’d be surprised by the elephants in the room and the sacred cows that often exist in leadership teams, especially in family businesses. 

I can’t really give specifics, but let’s say there have been a few times when I have pushed a team to talk about something they really don’t want to. Sometimes, it’s out of fear; sometimes, it’s because of their desire for an easy life because, let’s be honest, conflict is rarely easy. 

Neither is for the greater good of the company and so we explore…  

For example, when a business cries poor, the owner appears to be taking money out of the business for personal benefit, like a golf club membership. 

The rest of the leadership team might find this objectionable, but if they don’t raise it, it won’t be addressed. 

Also, having the conversation might reveal things you weren’t aware of that might change your viewpoint. 

But you must have that conversation to get you all on the same page. 

Here is how that scenario might have played out: 

The Scenario 

A business owner repeatedly claimed the company struggled financially, cutting costs and asking employees to tighten their belts. However, during a routine financial review, the leadership team discovered something concerning: the owner used company funds to pay for a private golf membership. 

Addressing the Issue 

  • Acknowledge the Problem: The leadership team recognised the inconsistency between the owner’s claims of financial hardship and the personal expenses being charged to the company. 
  • Gather Facts: They compiled evidence of the expenditures and assessed the impact on the company’s finances. 
  • Create a Safe Space: The team prepared for a candid discussion, ensuring the meeting would be safe for honest dialogue. 
  • Address the Elephant in the Room: During the meeting, they respectfully but directly presented the findings to the owner, highlighting the discrepancy and its implications for the business. 
  • Follow Through: They worked with the owner to establish new financial guidelines, ensuring personal expenses were clearly separated from company finances. They also set up regular audits to maintain transparency. 

The Outcome 

By entering the danger and addressing the issue head-on, the leadership team restored financial integrity and trust within the company. The owner acknowledged the mistake, and together, they implemented practices that ensured the company’s resources were used appropriately. This transparency led to renewed confidence among the employees and positioned the company for sustainable growth. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Transparency is Crucial: Openly addressing financial mismanagement fosters a culture of trust and accountability. 
  • Lead by Example: Business owners and leaders must align their actions with the company’s values and financial policies. 
  • Long-Term Benefits: Confronting uncomfortable issues can lead to healthier business practices and a stronger team. 

Or maybe it went another way…

In some cases, what might initially seem like an inappropriate expense can actually be justifiable if it aligns with the business’s interests.

The Scenario

A business owner uses company funds to pay for a private golf membership. At first glance, this might seem like a misuse of resources. However, upon closer examination, the context reveals a different story.

Context and Justification

  • Business Development: The owner frequently uses the golf club to host clients and business partners. Many high-value deals and partnerships are discussed and negotiated over rounds of golf, and the club serves as a key venue for networking and relationship building.
  • Marketing and Branding: The owner’s presence at the golf club elevates the company’s visibility and reputation within an exclusive community of potential clients and partners. This aligns with the company’s marketing strategy to target high-net-worth individuals.
  • Client Entertainment: The golf membership is part of a broader strategy to entertain and maintain strong relationships with key clients. The costs associated with the membership are offset by the revenue generated through these high-value relationships.

Addressing the Team

  • Transparency: The owner communicates the strategic value of the golf membership to the leadership team, explaining how it benefits the business.
  • Documentation: They ensure all expenses related to the golf membership are appropriately documented and linked to specific business activities.
  • Policy Alignment: The expense is reviewed and approved in accordance with the company’s expense policies, ensuring it is reasonable and justified.

The Outcome

By clearly articulating the business rationale behind the golf membership, the owner gains the leadership team’s support. The team understands the strategic importance of the expense and its contribution to the company’s growth.

In this context, paying for the business’s golf membership is appropriate and beneficial, highlighting the importance of strategic thinking and clear communication.

I’ll let you decide what you think really happened.

What is always important is that the issue isn’t ignored, swept under the carpet or glossed over. 

Entering danger is never easy, but it’s essential for your business’s greater good. You can build a more transparent, trustworthy, and resilient organisation by facing these challenges directly. 

By entering the danger, you’ll gain three things: 

  1. Enhanced Problem-Solving: When issues are out in the open, your team can collaboratively develop solutions, fostering a culture of innovation. 
  2. Stronger Team Cohesion: Facing challenges together strengthens team bonds and enhances collaboration. 
  3. Sustainable Growth: Addressing problems head-on ensures your business can grow sustainably without underlying issues undermining progress. 

Entering the danger is not about seeking conflict but about ensuring your business’s long-term health and success. By embracing this approach, you can lead your company through tough times and emerge stronger and more resilient. 

For the greater good of your business, let’s face those challenges together. 

Feel free to reach out if you need support in tackling the tough issues. Remember, the most demanding challenges often lead to the most significant growth. 

If you’re wondering where your team sits, take a look at this.

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In this section, I introduce the team & our Trusted Partners.

Get ready to meet our podcast wizard of the week, Niall Mackay, aka The Podcast Guy! He’s the creative force behind my hit show “Better Business Better Life,” where he brings expertise and creativity to every episode. 

As the founder of Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, Niall has cultivated a deep understanding of podcasting, starting with A Saigon Podcast and evolving into A Vietnam Podcast, now ranking in the top 10% globally. 

Recently honoured with the esteemed BritCham Vietnam Great Company Award, Seven Million Bikes Podcasts shines brightly for its industry impact and unwavering pursuit of excellence. 

Beyond his podcasting prowess, Niall has a rich background in teaching, fundraising, and comedy. He’s dedicated years to NGO work, particularly as a corporate social responsibility manager, advocating for education in Vietnam. Today, Niall shares his passion for podcasting by helping us resonate with our audience at “Better Business Better Life.”

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How do you help people? 

I help people by leveraging my expertise in podcasting to support aspiring podcasters and businesses in creating, publishing, and growing their podcasts. Through Seven Million Bikes Podcasts, I offer comprehensive services that cover every aspect of podcast production, from music selection and artwork creation to recording and monetisation strategies.

Additionally, I provide personalised coaching and a podcast about podcasts where I share insights and techniques I’ve learned over the years. My goal is to help others enjoy their podcast journey more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to connect with their audience and build a dedicated community. 

Why did you get into what you are doing? 

I got into podcasting out of a deep passion for the medium and a desire to share stories and connect with people on a global scale.

My journey began as a hobby with A Saigon Podcast in 2019, which later evolved into A Vietnam Podcast. Seeing the podcast grow and gain a worldwide following was incredibly rewarding.

I realised that I could combine my love for podcasting with the skills I’d learned to make a meaningful impact. This realisation inspired me to rebrand to Seven Million Bikes Podcasts and focus full-time on helping others start and succeed in their own podcasting ventures. 

What do you love about it? 

I love the creative freedom and the opportunity to connect with diverse individuals and communities through creating high-quality podcasts. There’s something incredibly fulfilling about helping others share their stories, passions, and expertise with the world in a professional manner. Seeing my clients and students succeed and build their own audiences is immensely gratifying.

Additionally, the ever-evolving nature of podcasting keeps me engaged and excited. Every podcast episode is a new adventure, and being able to contribute to the growth of this medium is something I genuinely cherish. 

What do you do in your spare time, pursuing other passions? 

My main passion is football/soccer. I’ve realised more and more over the years that it is an obsession. I can’t get enough of it, whether it’s reading about it, watching shows, of course listening to podcasts, and watching live games. I was a season ticket holder at my local team, Glasgow Rangers from 5 years old until I left Scotland at 20 years old. What I love most of all is the stories it creates. The agony and pain of losing versus the joy and ecstasy of winning. That’s what keeps me hooked. 

Tell us something that very few people know about you. 

I used to have the strongest Glaswegian accent! When I studied in Glasgow, other Glaswegians would tell me this, to my shock. And a little bit of horror because the Glasgow accent is really strong. When I first went to America, nobody could understand me! Even though I was speaking English!! So, I realised I had to speak more slowly and properly, enunciate my vowels and pause between words!

Now, people can’t believe I’m from Glasgow when they hear me talk if they’ve been to Scotland that is. When I meet someone who’s never been or never met another Scottish person, they think I still have the strongest accent. It will always be Scottish, but it’s not strong at all. And I’m very proud of that! 


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